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Today’s medical providers rely on information technology more than ever before. Providers and patients now use various electronic systems to store data, communicate with others and analyze information. While the benefits of healthcare IT are numerous, adopting a robust IT system can be challenging.

Contigo works with many healthcare clients in the Central Texas area. We understand the industry’s particular need for confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. When you partner with us, you benefit from our strong customer support, industry knowledge and industry-leading IT products. Learn more about working with our healthcare IT company.

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Healthcare IT Services

We’ve designed our medical IT support processes to meet HIPAA requirements. Our services allow your employees to work efficiently while keeping your resources secure. When you work with us, you receive:

We conduct a HIPAA risk assessment for all new clients. We also review your policies and operating procedures and examine how they relate to HIPAA. Additionally, our employees receive HIPAA and cybersecurity training.

We understand that security and confidentiality are critical in healthcare. We install antivirus, malware and breach protection software on all your devices, encrypt all your data at rest and push critical patches across all network devices. We also offer spam protection for email, data backup and multifactor authentication.


Passwords and credentials protect patient data and help to ensure that only authorized users get access to your system. Our password management services include the implementation of password change policies and monitoring of the dark web for hacked passwords and stolen credentials.

We collect and store your organization’s business associate agreements (BAAs) and review the transmission of protected health information outside of the covered entity.

When it’s time to upgrade your organization’s devices, we ensure that older products are disposed of securely and safely.

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Benefits of Medical IT Support and Consulting

Your organization stands to enjoy many benefits when you partner with an IT company for healthcare consulting:

  • Enhanced security: We take your organization’s security seriously. We understand the unique needs of healthcare providers and work to ensure that all patient data is encrypted, minimizing the risk of unauthorized users gaining access to your company’s information. We also work to develop an appropriate response so your team knows what to do during a data breach.
  • Increased patient safety: Electronic health records have transformed healthcare, but they also present the risk of a data breach or patient information falling into the wrong hands. As a medical provider, you have the training and skill needed to provide the best care to your patient. Allow us to take over the process of protecting their sensitive records.
  • Compliance: HIPAA compliance is critical for today’s healthcare providers. Our team will ensure your IT systems meet the latest requirements.

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Contigo Technology is an established Central Texas firm serving clients in the healthcare industry. We provide top-tier local IT support to ensure compliance and protect confidential data, and we look forward to the chance to help you overcome your technology challenges. Contact us today to learn more.

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