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We want to put your company in a posture that addresses any audit.

Contigo believes in the years to come, all of our clients will need to address the demands of compliance. Today, compliance comes from multiple sources. At times, it’s one of your larger clients who want to know you’re following their best practices.

For those of you in healthcare, the need to follow HIPAA standards is part of your daily processes.

For those who don’t see any immediate pressure, there are government initiatives building that will force changes in your business processes. Whether the compliance wave has crashed on your shore, or it’s miles out, it hard to deny it’s coming. Contigo has invested in aligning our IT services with popular compliance initiatives so that our clients can be confident about where they stand.

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Types of Cybersecurity Compliance Services We Offer

Contigo Technology is certified in multiple disciplines to help you stay compliant with the organizations relative to your operation.

HIPAA compliance is critical for multiple reasons. It protects the privacy of a patient’s personal health information (PHI) by ensuring it is secure from theft or unauthorized access. In addition, staying compliant means organizations avoid potential penalties and fines for violating HIPAA regulations.

Services Available:

  • Annual Risk Assessment Audits
  • HIPAA Professional Advisory Services
  • HIPAA Security Rule and Privacy Rule Alignment

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is a non-regulatory government agency that promotes industrial competitiveness and drives innovation in science, engineering and technology. One of the NIST’s primary roles is to create standards for government agencies, private contractors and other organizations to follow, including best practices for cybersecurity alignment.

Services available:

  • NIST-800-171 alignment
  • NIST cybersecurity framework alignment
  • Annual risk assessments
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing

CMMC compliance is mandatory for most service providers within the Department of Defense ecosystem. Organizations need to obtain specific maturity level certifications based on their levels of contact. These certifications range from basic cyber hygiene in Level 1 to advanced safeguards in Level 5.

A registered practitioner (RP) delivers a non-certified advisory service informed by basic training on the CMMC standard. This includes providing advice, consulting and recommendations to their clients.

Contigo Technology is one of the first Registered Provider Organizations (RPO) in the Austin, Texas, area. RPOs are used to prepare your business for the assessment.

Compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards enables organizations of any size or type to manage security for assets like intellectual property, sensitive financial data, personal employee details or information entrusted to third parties.

Services available:

  • ISO 9001 alignment
  • ISO 27001 alignment
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At Contigo Technology, one of our primary goals is to provide comprehensive cybersecurity compliance consulting support to help keep your IT network compliant with your industry’s requirements, including HIPAA, NIST and other standards. Contact us online today to learn more about how our services can benefit your organization.

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