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We monitor key performance indicators that ensure the backbone of your network remains healthy.

Network management has several facets, including performance monitoring, remote user support, VOIP telephony services and ISP vendor management. Ensuring your business has a good grip on network management is a priority at Contigo. Our efforts are rooted in the business basics and are accompanied by our desire for greatness. With our network support services, we strive to provide you with smooth online experiences and thorough performance tracking.

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Our network support services include performance monitoring and internet service provider management. Additionally, with a whopping 67% of employers offering some form of flexible work arrangements, we will work to give your remote users a better experience by successfully connecting them to company IT resources. At Contigo, we also want to ensure you can effectively communicate with clients via VOIP telephony, so we configure your network and devices to give you the best call quality. Here’s a closer look at each of our network management solutions and how they can benefit your business.

At Contigo, we have multi-vendor monitoring software for fault, performance and availability monitoring. These three types of monitoring are vital for maintaining a healthy network. Fault monitoring ensures that your hardware is running at maximum uptime and that your software is free of any issues. Performance monitoring measures the state of your network’s efficiency. Availability monitoring prevents adverse situations by constantly checking various infrastructure components.

All of these monitoring solutions work together to ensure that your network is running securely and efficiently — and that you are aware of and able to remedy instances when it is not.

Working from home has been a growing trend for today’s workforce and offering remote work to potential candidates has proven to give companies a competitive edge when hiring new talent. With the recent spike in the availability of options for remote work, firms are faced with the challenge of providing their employees with the same experience that they would normally receive at the office. Without secure access to work-related applications, remote workers cannot complete tasks, causing a dip in performance and efficiency.

That is why we ensure remote users experience successful service connections to company IT resources. This can enable users to receive any IT assistance they might need while working from home so that your business can enjoy a high level of productivity and end users can work without burdensome technology performance issues.

Clear communication is the key to running a successful business. Moreover, with all that today’s technology offers, there is no excuse for dated communication methods. For that reason, today’s clients are continuously leveraging VOIP telephony. This is because VOIP has several advantages, including lower costs, increased accessibility, complete portability, higher scalability, advanced features, clearer voice quality and more flexibility than traditional phone services. At Contigo, we ensure network configurations are set up to provide the highest possible call quality.

Don’t have the time to deal with pesky issues having to do with your internet service provider? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place.

Our IT team at Contigo can provide you with internet service provider management solutions, where we get involved on your behalf to manage things like network outages. This includes coordinating a solution with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to centrally and smoothly manage end-to-end processes. Our ISP vendor management system was designed to manage all internet operations, which occur throughout the lifecycle of an online business. Our services can offer real-time status updates regarding data usage, renewal reminders and network monitoring and issue notifications to end users.

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As the premier IT support and network management company in Texas, Contigo makes your network performance a priority. Managed IT services are ideal for companies of various sizes across multiple industries. Spend more time focusing on your business goals and day-to-day obligations and leave IT and network management to our skilled professionals. Since we’re local to Austin, we understand your business needs and can provide the ideal network support and local managed solutions for you.

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