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We want to give your employees a more personalized and simple way to address IT issues, and we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why Contigo is the only Austin IT support company that offers support sessions via an easy to use chat session. Studies show that at least 22 minutes a day are spent dealing with IT issues at work. Even if 22 minutes seems minimal, throughout a 40-hour work week, it adds up to about 2 hours of lost work time each week. 

Our end user support services encompass an array of solutions, such as on-demand support, to cut down on the time your employees spend trying to fix IT problems. Our local Austin based team is available via phone, email or instant chat.

Unfortunately, 46% of employees report being stressed out because of their workload. As an employee, having a way to manage personal IT issues at your fingertips could help to reduce that worry. Contact Contigo today for IT services to re-gain control and create a more productive, less stressful environment for your employees!

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IT End User Support For Businesses Large & Small

We understand that your employees have better things to do than worry about IT problems. That’s why we offer a full suite of end user desktop support services. We work quickly to solve your team’s problems so they can go back to doing what they do best. From an IT support chat to desktop security solutions, some of the services we provide include:

Contigo is the only Austin IT Support company that allows end users to start support sessions via an easy to use chat session. We offer such a service because your time is the priority.

To reach us, your team members simply need to click on the chat button. While they wait for the chat to go through, they can perform other tasks.

We place industry-leading antivirus and malware solutions on each personal computer. Our proactive service monitors alerts from each of these solutions. Our desktop security solutions keep your team from inadvertently downloading anything that can harm their devices or your network.

Software providers constantly issue updates to keep their programs secure. We work with our clients to designate days of the week in which we submit software updates for all of your applications. This constant updating keeps your desktops secure and running efficiently.

We want to make sure that corporate data is protected at all costs. Even with corporate protocols in place, there’s always a risk that users aren’t saving documents to the correct location. Contigo places software on each personal computer that pushes data up into a secure cloud location.

At all costs, we want to protect data when devices are lost, stolen, or go rogue. Encryption scrambles data, making it look like gibberish to an unauthorized party. We place encryption software on each device so the data is secure. If a device becomes lost, we can reach it and reset passwords — and lock the data completely.

Your team needs their mobile devices to perform their work. Contigo offers solutions that can secure the data on these phones in case they are lost or stolen. At the same time, our technicians can support the applications on these devices.

The demands associated with on-boarding and off-boarding new employees need to be efficient and documented. As we’ve matured as an organization we’ve built an easy-to-use process that our customers can depend on.

Each day we may be working with many of the employees in your business. What we found our clients appreciate is our ability to send daily management reports on our activity and the status of our tickets.

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