Getting Ready for New CMMC Requirements Now

  By Kaseya - Right off the bat, we’re here to tell you that anyone promising you a sure-shot solution to all your CMMC woes is trying to pull a fast one on you. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a comprehensive move by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) that involves a lot of moving parts that have not been finalized yet. In...Read More

Understanding Your IT Security Assessment Report & What Comes Next

By Eli Newman - Gone are the days when securing your company’s private data and business-critical systems was a one-and-done activity. Today, hackers and other malicious actors are constantly coming up with new ways to phish your employees, access your systems, and disrupt your operations for financial gain, meaning that you must always be on the lookout for potential weak points in your network. In...Read More

Returning to the Office?

        By Bryan Fuller - With our clients switching back to in-office work, Contigo would like to be proactive in making sure the transition is smooth. If your company plans on bringing large volumes of staff back on-site, please let us know beforehand. We will send a technician on-site to support your team as they get back up and running. Common IT...Read More

Director of Finance – The Importance of Encrypting Your Emails

By Marc Lucio - Encrypt your emails that contain sensitive information. As the Director of Finance for Contigo Technology, I regularly deal with bank accounts, payment information, social security numbers, and other sensitive data. All businesses have similar types of data regardless of the vertical and can be at risk. As part of our service, we offer the ability to Encrypt messages via email directly...Read More

No More Risky Business: 4 Reasons Firms Should Leverage Cyber Security Assessment Services

By Eli Newman - Risky business is the last thing modern-day enterprises want to deal with (and no, we’re not referencing the 1983 film starring Tom Cruise). That’s right, folks – today we’re talking about cyber security risks. Most organizations are fully aware of the fact that cyber threats are multiplying by the minute, and many of them already use some form of defense to...Read More

Contigo Technology March Newsletter

Healthcare Newsletter March 17, 2021 Contigo CEO Interviewed on National Podcast - MSP Zone How Contigo Helps Healthcare Clients   In the last year, healthcare professionals have become a cornerstone for dealing with COVID-19. Every business from pharmaceuticals to local clinics needs a strong IT service provider to support their efforts. This allows them to operate smoothly and protect their patients and clients. MSP Zone brought Contigo's CEO, Bryan Fuller,...Read More

Quarterly Business Review Themes to Better Support Clients

By Nathan Montgomery - Each quarter Contigo’s Customer Success Managers (CSM) perform a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) for our clients. A QBR is performed to ensure our clients and receiving the best IT support service that fits their business needs. Each QBR comes with a theme of relevance attached to improve the client’s support. Most recently our CSMs followed the theme of protecting your business...Read More

Contigo CEO Bryan Fuller Interviewed on National Podcast – Topic: Healthcare

By Nathan Montgomery - Contigo would like to give a special thanks to Charles Weaver at MSP zone for bringing Contigo on to their podcast. In the last year, healthcare professionals have become a cornerstone for dealing with COVID-19. Every business from pharmaceuticals to local clinics needs a strong IT service provider to support their efforts. This allows them to operate smoothly and protect their...Read More

Cyber Security Consulting Services as a Business Strategy

By Eli Newman - Why do businesses use managed services? Modern-day corporate IT leaders everywhere use them – but what are they really trying to accomplish by doing this? The purpose of a company’s IT infrastructure and its components (such as their servers, firewalls, applications, connectivity, and so on) has seen great change over the years; just like the combination of technologies has evolved over...Read More

Update on Microsoft Exchange Security Vulnerability

By Bryan Fuller - Early last week a security vulnerability was identified for businesses using Microsoft’s On-Premise Exchange Servers. Microsoft put out a response to customers recognizing the vulnerability and offering an important patch. Many of our Contigo clients have asked if they are affected by this vulnerability.  For our clients who utilize Office 365 for email, they are not affected by this vulnerability. Out...Read More

The Importance of 2 Factor Authentication

By Bryan Fuller - We’ve all used 2 Factor Authentication(2FA) somewhere and somehow. It’s a well-known deterrent for malicious account takeovers. It is commonly used by a number of personal and business applications. Contigo has worked with the majority of our clients to enable 2FA for Office 365 and Gsuite. If you are one of the few clients who have yet to enable 2FA, Contigo...Read More

Cooper Rigney – Overcoming Adversity to ensure Quality Support for Customers

By Nathan Montgomery - Help Desk Manager Cooper Rigney has gone above and beyond during the severe winter storm that swept through Texas, leaving over 2 million residents without power or water. Cooper Manages our help desk technicians and ensures that quality service is delivered to the Contigo Clients. This winter storm put many businesses out of commission for the week, but for Contigo Technology,...Read More

Contigo’s Solutions Vs. Other Managed IT Services: End User Support Edition

By Eli Newman - Fact: Technology is here to stay. The inevitable shift to all things digital has resulted in technology becoming more and more intertwined into our society every day. While businesses of all sizes around the globe are happily embracing this tech movement, they must also recognize that implementing and utilizing technology requires a certain level of support. Just like no product or...Read More

Contigo Winter Storm Update

Contigo would like to wish each of you well during this winter storm. We are thankful for your patience as we work through the power and internet issues. We're obviously waiting for the power grid to come back to life before we can deep dive into any office-related network outages.   If we are seeing internet issues, we're reaching out to the ATT's, Grande's, Spectrums, etc...and...Read More

Contigo Technology CMMC Webinar Series

Contigo is proud to announce that in the pursuit of becoming a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) we will be hosting a webinar series that covers everything your business needs to know about Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). If your business is involved with the Department of Defense (DOD) ecosystem, CMMC will have a great impact on your contracts moving further into 2021. Our Compliance Manager...Read More