When to Say ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ When Practicing Trust-Building in Your Organization

It appears that our world has become less trusting, with studies showing that trust in business, government, media, and NGOs is the lowest it has ever been. Trust levels also seem to be divided along generational lines, meaning millennials display the lowest trust levels. Undoubtedly, this can have enormous consequences, such as reduced creativity, investment, and job opportunities. Interestingly, this trend appeared to be consistent...Read More

Building Trust as a Small Company

It’s Not Just for Large Enterprises There is a robust connection between prosperity and trust. Indeed, when trust levels are high, companies tend to expand more rapidly. Trust is the connecting link upon which success and innovation are constructed in many reputable organizations. You might underestimate the importance of trust-building for small to medium-sized businesses. However, this factor is crucial if you want to hit...Read More

Why your SMB Needs to Prioritize Trust

You don’t often expect technology companies to discuss topics like trust, but we aren’t like any other managed service provider. We obtain expert knowledge of how technology impacts trust as well as your bottom line, people, and processes. So, we are here to display how you can leverage trust and reach your company goals. Concerning the technology industry, trust usually refers to zero trust. In...Read More
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Agility for Your People, Processes, and Technology

Is there anything more critical to a company than stability? Sure, profit matters, but some businesses can quickly achieve consistent profits when markets are stable. However, the world doesn't always operate in this way. Markets can be largely unpredictable, and conditions change rapidly. If your company's viability depends on the marketplace - which is usually the case - you need to be prepared to face...Read More

Matters to Avoid While Exercising Organizational Agility

Whilst it’s common knowledge that small to medium-sized businesses usually have much fewer resources when compared to larger companies, prioritizing organizational agility is just as crucial for their survival. In this modern age, many different unexpected and unpleasant situations can come about at any given time, meaning that companies need to be aware of how to avoid being overwhelmed. When thinking about unforeseen events, supply...Read More

Making the Case for SMB Agility

Organizations worldwide have suffered during the past two years. During this period, small and medium-sized businesses were hit the hardest. These businesses have limited resources and money, meaning that setbacks were more devastating for them than for larger, more successful companies. Whether your business had to shut down during the pandemic or adapt to a touchless customer experience or remote workforce, your organization may have...Read More

Congratulations to Nick Feistel and Luke Flynn!

Congratulations to both Nick Feistel, and Luke Flynn for working extra hard to pass their exams! Nick Feistel - Compliance Manager | NCSP Practitioner Exam "I am excited to announce that, as of today, I am an accredited NIST Cybersecurity Professional Practitioner. This certification indicates that I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to help organizations build an adaptable cybersecurity program using the NIST...Read More

What is Organizational Agility?

It is sometimes difficult to tell what will happen in the future. Considering all that has happened so far in just the past two years - from an unexpected pandemic to supply chain problems to war, it would have been impossible for anyone to have predicted these occurrences enough to be sufficiently prepared. These difficulties make it even harder for businesses to strive to succeed...Read More

Common Scalability Mistakes SMBs Make

The majority of small to medium-sized businesses, also known as SMBs, are being pushed for time and resources. This pressure may trigger the organizations to rush through process implementations, new hire training, and technology updates. Thus, it’s no surprise that this could result in clumsy executions and a business foundation that does not support sustainable scaling. Sustainable scaling enables a business to scale up or...Read More

Top Technologies for Scalability

Injecting sustainability into your business means being adaptable, repeatable, and capable of scaling up and down as required. You may create incompetent results and confusion by speeding through technology upgrades, method implementations, and hire training. This idea is why companies need to approach sustainable strategies which allow them to expand smarter - not just more rapidly. Sustainable scaling needs you to focus on your people,...Read More

Dedicated Meetings for Each New Client

Part of providing the best IT services in Austin is taking the best care of our clients, through and through. Before each onboard, we assemble our team of professionals for a Lunch and Learn. This Lunch and Learn comprises key roles within Contigo, including our CEO - Bryan fuller, Director of Finance - Marc Lucio, Director of Service delivery - Andrew Williams, and Business Developer...Read More

Aligning People, Processes and Technology to Scale

In present times, businesses have been submerged in turbulent environments. Innovative technologies are reshaping industries, customer demands have been modified, and geopolitical equations are changing substantially. If you and your business are finding it hard to adapt to these rapid and challenging changes, you are not on your own. Some executives have resorted to temporary, quick fixes that fail to support employee and customer growth...Read More
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What Does It Mean to Build a Sustainable Business?

Embracing sustainability as one of your core values can make your company more likely to succeed! When becoming a sustainable company, you must think bigger than recycling and utilizing renewable energy. You also have to consider laying the foundations for future customer and employee growth. The features of a sustainable company include: Continuing or repeating processes Having the knowledge, time, and skills to adapt to...Read More
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Why Smart Tech Acceleration is Essential to Long-Term Business Growth

Adapting to developing technologies in this 21st-century landscape has certainly been challenging. Can you confidently say that you have invested in solutions that truly assist your business' long-term visions? If you cannot, don't worry - you are not alone. The staggering growth of technology is not slowing, meaning that businesses have had to step up and adapt to this new normal. Small and medium-sized companies...Read More

5 Elements of Effective Tech Acceleration

Is your knowledge of the current technology landscape up to scratch? Do you know what it will appear like within the coming 5 to 10 years? Being aware of this information is handy since it can have a crucial impact on your business. Everyone knows that our technology landscape is continuously evolving. Businesses need to become accustomed to developments to keep up with competitors.  In...Read More