Time to Debunk These 4 Ransomware Misconceptions

In our increasingly digital world, ransomware attacks have grown more frequent, sophisticated, and expensive. As cybercriminals continue to evolve their strategies and target businesses of all sizes, it's crucial for organizations like yours to actively protect your data and systems. Unfortunately, many companies fall for prevalent ransomware misconceptions, leaving them exposed to attacks and unprepared to respond effectively when incidents occur. In this blog, we'll...Read More

The Ultimate Strategy Guide: Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware is malicious software designed to encrypt files on devices or networks, rendering them inaccessible until a ransom is paid to the attacker. What began as a simple virus transmitted via floppy disks in the late 1980s has transformed into a multi-billion-dollar cybercrime enterprise. Despite the implementation of new security measures, ransomware attackers continue to evolve and find new methods to extort victims. As long...Read More

Top 4 Co-Managed IT Myths

As a business owner, you may feel that you need to choose between relying on your in-house IT staff or outsourcing technology management to an IT service provider. There is, however, a third option: co-managed IT. This approach combines the advantages and convenience of in-house IT with competent, specialized support from outsourced specialists. It’s a “best of both worlds” approach that can help your business...Read More

Does Your Business Need Co-Managed IT?

When it comes to managing your business’s IT infrastructure, there are several options available. One is fully managed IT, where an IT service provider takes care of all aspects of your IT needs, from monitoring and maintenance to troubleshooting and problem resolution. Another option is co-managed IT. Co-managed IT provides supplemental support to your internal IT department. It isn’t meant to replace your in-house IT...Read More

How to Effectively Manage Supply Chain Risks

There are many benefits digital transformation has brought to businesses like yours, such as easier inventory management and order processing. However, it does make organizations more vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. A breach occurring anywhere in your supply chain could have severe repercussions for your business. So, how can you protect your business from these threats? Deploying security solutions within your organization is a...Read More

Top 3 Supply Chain Risk Misconceptions

Supply chain attacks are a primary concern for businesses nowadays. With technology becoming increasingly advanced, businesses like yours must ensure there are no vulnerabilities in the supply chain. Unfortunately, many companies still believe in certain misconceptions about supply chain risk management, which can be dangerous and lead to severe consequences. In this blog, we'll examine some of the most common misconceptions about supply chain risks...Read More

3 Technology End-of-Service Myths

It's crucial to keep all software and hardware up to date to maintain optimal security. If you don’t, cybercriminals can easily infiltrate your network and the chances for downtime increase significantly. However, many businesses don't realize that expired software/hardware can actually be one of the most prominent security risks hindering their success. If you are among those who continue to use unsupported software and hardware...Read More

4 Practical Steps to Take When Hardware and Software Expire

When a software or hardware product reaches its End of Life (EoL) or End of Service (EoS), it's no longer supported by the manufacturer. This can be a cause of concern for organizations like yours because unsupported technologies have no routine internal security measures or support from the manufacturer. The good news is that there are steps you can take to mitigate the risks that...Read More
Technology Budgeting 101 for Small Businesses Graphic

Tech Budgeting 101 for Small Businesses

With the new year around the corner, now is an excellent time to review your organization’s budget to ensure your business has the resources it needs to continue to grow and prosper in the coming year. It’s important to understand that technology shouldn't be an afterthought in today’s highly digitized environment. You need to have a clear and well-defined IT budget since an unanticipated technology...Read More
4 cyberthreats Small Organizations Should Know graphic

4 Cyberthreats Small Organizations Should Know About

Data breaches are becoming more frequent as time passes, primarily because of the emergence of new threats. Due to growing company interconnectedness and internet usage, some cybercriminals now obtain sensitive information effortlessly. They are able to sell the information on the dark web or even utilize it to commit other crimes, including identity theft. So, how can you safeguard your enterprise against data breaches? Firstly,...Read More
Bursting Four Common Cybersecurity Myths graphic

Bursting Four Common Cybersecurity Myths

As everything becomes increasingly digital, businesses must take on various dangers that come with operating online. Cybercriminals have different approaches to attacking enterprises, from simple hacks to complex ransomware attacks. So, it is crucial to consider measures to protect your business as it needs to be. If you don't know much about the cyber threat scene, it can be challenging to know which strategy will...Read More
3 Companies Denied Insurance Payouts Graphic

3 Instances Where Companies Were Denied Cyber Insurance Payouts

Cyber insurance protects organizations from the financial losses sparked by a cyberattack. This is a vital tool for companies of all sizes, but there are also some facts you should know before investing in a policy. Even if you have cyber insurance, you aren’t guaranteed to get a payout in an incident scenario. This is due to the fact you might not have adequate coverage...Read More
Cyber Insurance Types You should Know About graphic

Cyber Insurance Types You Should Know About

As we drive deeper into the digital age, cyberattacks increase, meaning that you shouldn't overlook the importance of cyber insurance. If your business handles, transfers, or stores vital data, you should know about this coverage. Cyber insurance intends to protect organizations from cash losses triggered by cyber incidents that could endanger their future. It covers financial losses caused by such an event, including cyber theft,...Read More
Assisting you with the right Cyber Insurance graphic

How an Austin IT Service Provider Can Assist You with Cyber Insurance

When hunting for cyber insurance for your small company, you may struggle understanding insurance jargon and complex technology. There are various types of coverage - how are you supposed to know which choice is the best for you? Also, how can you guarantee you'll receive a payout in the event of an incident if you didn't comply with your policy's requirements? This is where an...Read More
common cyber insurance myths graphic

Don’t Believe These Cyber Insurance Myths

As our age becomes increasingly digital, so do the risks surrounding our businesses. Thus, you should use cyber insurance to help your company recover from a cyberattack. This will cover financial loss triggered by events, including cyber thefts, data breaches, and ransomware. Cyber insurance can give you many advantages since it covers costs of: Legal proceedings Data recovery Personal identity restoration Notifying stakeholders about the...Read More