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Server management is part of our proactive managed IT support and services. Our Austin-based experts provide server installation, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring and migration services for businesses in Austin and across the US. Server management increases your server lifetime and ensures reliability and security for your mission-critical server-hosted applications.

Server management is a large component of our proactive managed IT services in Austin and is essential for increasing your server lifetime and guaranteeing reliability and security. At Contigo, we are concerned with keeping your servers healthy through 24/7 hardware monitoring, regular updates, consistent backup practices, and automated monthly maintenance.

We also want to ensure that your business experiences the best server performance possible, which means that we monitor event logs to catch important security and performance alerts. We also keep tabs on the storage capacity and RAID performance of every server and provide server audits to each of our clients. Contact us at Contigo today to find out how we can help optimize your IT support.

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Types of Server Monitoring, Maintenance and Management Services We Offer

Our server management solutions furnish your business with periodic evaluations of your server’s health and performance. These tools allow us to take action before vital server components like availability, bandwidth and response time negatively affect your network. Our services can also monitor key performance elements like temperatures, fan speeds, power supply capacities and other factors affecting performance.

Contigo utilizes sophisticated server monitoring software that proactively monitors server health. Alerts are sent to our staff when items need attention and we take action.

Every server requires monthly proactive maintenance as a precautionary measure to ensure it’s highest performance.

We monitor the storage capacity and RAID performance of every server.

We monitor each event log on the server, watching for important security and performance alerts.

Our service monitors for viruses, malware, and suspicious activity

Every server under our management is backed up locally and in a secure off-site location. Our staff reviews the success of each backup daily to insure data integrity.

Many of our clients are required to provide IT security audits on their servers. Contigo provides each client with a list of reports to satisfy IT auditors.

Our role is to make sure servers stay healthy and up to date. Our clients rely on us to keep Operating Systems and Applications on supported versions.

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