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Health Care Provider IT Requirements

As technology keeps advancing, it becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives. Similarly, technology is being heavily integrated into the health care industry. This allows health care providers to better treat their patients because patients’ files are more complete and easily accessible by doctors and other health care professionals.

With that said, there are many regulations in place to protect the privacy of those patients due to the rise of the digital age, and Contigo is here to facilitate that. The HIPAA Security Rule requires the appropriate physical, administrative and technical safeguards that ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of electronically protected health information (PHI). Through our HIPAA compliance services in Austin, we strive to align your IT sources with the HIPAA Security Rule that protects you and your personal information.

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HIPAA Compliance Services and Security Assessments

At Contigo Technology, we offer a comprehensive range of HIPAA compliance alignment services — including HIPAA security assessments — that help your organization evaluate potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Contigo is an experienced HIPAA assessment provider. We’ll perform an on-site analysis of current policies and procedures and assess how they align with HIPAA best practices.

The HIPAA Security Rule most thouroughly guides Healthcare providers IT requirements. Contigo identifies each required and addressable safeguard, and provides easy to deploy, technical solutions that move our clients into a mature HIPAA position.

Contigo’s Healthcare Clients see their HIPAA Security Rule progress charted and audited. Our client’s receive quarterly IT Service reviews, in which their HIPAA alignment is presented.

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If your organization is ready to take the next step in ensuring your IT framework complies with HIPAA standards, the team at Contigo Technology can help. Contact us online today to speak with one of our experienced professionals and learn more about how our HIPAA security assessments can benefit your business.

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