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Vendor management refers to the processes businesses use to make the most of their vendor partnerships. You may use vendor management services for support as you choose vendors, manage your contracts with them and mitigate potential risks. These services can also help you manage communication with vendors and monitor their service and performance quality.

Vendor management companies work with you and your vendors to ensure everything is running smoothly in your partnership and that any related technology is maintained to reduce downtime.

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The Benefits of IT Vendor Management Services

IT vendor management services from Contingo Technology are beneficial for numerous reasons. Allowing us to manage your vendors gives you more time to focus on your business’s operations, goals and customers. Explore what your company can do with our vendor management services.

Your business may use software applications for various IT and vendor needs. Developers regularly update software to improve stability, fix bugs, remove outdated features, and add new features and security patches, all contributing to an improved user experience.

We’ll monitor your software for upgrades to ensure they’re installed promptly and properly. We will also work directly with your software vendors to ensure all upgrades have been scoped to prevent sensitive data from leaking during an upgrade. Software upgrades are essential to productivity and security as well as maintaining positive relationships with your clients and vendors.

Internet service providers (ISP) are among the most common vendors businesses rely on. Unfortunately, ISP outages are relatively common — leading to unplanned downtime and interruptions to your operations. With so much at stake, it’s important to remedy ISP outages properly and quickly. As your vendor management company, Contigo will work with your ISP to isolate outages and get quick solutions.

Bugs in your applications can have numerous negative effects, including:

  • Poor user experience.
  • Decreased sales.
  • Increased bugs and glitches.
  • Wasted time and money.
  • A tarnished business reputation.

We’ll be your second set of eyes on the lookout for application glitches, fixing them quickly to prevent bigger issues. We can also work with your end users to identify glitches on their end so they have a positive experience. When necessary, we’ll open service tickets with the vendor on your behalf to keep the improvement process moving forward.

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Vendor Management Services from Contigo Technology

Looking for vendor management services and managed IT support in Austin, Texas or the US? Let our IT professionals manage and monitor your outsourced services to ensure your vendors are properly supporting your company. We have the technical knowledge and soft skills necessary to successfully keep your vendors in check while you focus on business. We’ll continuously engage with your vendors to keep communication open and get issues resolved efficiently.

To learn more about our IT vendor management services and other ways we can support your business with managed IT services, contact our IT experts today.

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