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Here at Contigo Technology, our goal is to provide premier IT support and Cybersecurity services. Part of having a robust cybersecurity posture means staying up to date with timely information about security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits. Sign up to get notified about cybersecurity incidents and technical alerts that may affect your business.

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Microsoft Office Cybersecurity Alert: Zero-Day “Follina” Bug

Contigo Technology has been alerted to an emerging threat posed to you and all users of Microsoft Office by the Microsoft Office vulnerability dubbed the Zero-Day “Follina” Bug. What you need to know: This vulnerability is triggered by opening malicious Office documents. Threat actors may deceive victims into opening these documents using email attachments, social media links, file downloads, or other creative delivery methods. We...Read More

Google Chrome Security Alert

Google has issued an alert warning billions of Chrome users that the browser has been successfully targeted by hackers and listed 30 security flaws, including seven deemed to have a “High” threat level. According to Google's statement, the company has released an update to address the bugs which affect Windows, macOS, and Linux. Google will push these out over the next few days. These updates...Read More

QNAP Storage Ransomware | Zero Day Exploit by DeadBolt

QNAP Ransomeware On January 25th, businesses using QNAP Storage devices have discovered their files encrypted and a login screen demanding ransom payment. It appears a ransomware group titled DeadBolt has exploited a Zero-Day Vulnerability on QNAP devices allowing the use of ransomware to be deployed. Lawrence Abraham of Bleeping Computer states, "As the threat actors claim the attack is conducted through a zero-day vulnerability, it...Read More

Critical Cyber Vulnerability: log4j

It was announced today that a general application logging framework named log4j poses a critical network vulnerability.   This framework is used in all sorts of Java applications, including servers, clients, appliances, and network monitoring software. The Contigo team is aware of the vulnerability and researching if any of our clients may utilize the log4j framework within their infrastructure. We’ll work with any affected clients to...Read More

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Recently your Client Success Manager explained that Contigo is adding cybersecurity best practice procedures into our service. One of these new Contigo features requires notifying client VIPs of important/newsworthy Cyber Security Alerts. As a result, when cybersecurity events take place, you will receive notifications via email. If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] Contigo TechnologyRead More

Kansas Water Facility Tampering | Former Employee Accesses Ellsworth County Water Treatment Facility - Kansas Man Pleads Guilty to Water Facility Tampering Former Employee, Wyatt Travnichek, 23, used his non-terminated credentials to access a protected computer system and tamper with the public water systems.Read More

Terminated Executive Accessed Personal Health Information of Nearly 38,000 Individuals | Premier Patient Health Care Breach

Former Executive Accessed PHI of Nearly 38,000 Individuals - Information Security Media Group More