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The world becomes smaller each year as computer networks and cloud storage increase global connectivity. While these technological advancements empower your business to do more, they also give cybercriminals more ways to target your company. Modern cybersecurity requires a specialized solution unique to your information technology (IT) infrastructure. Partner with Contigo Technology for tailor-made network security services in Austin, Texas. We offer fully managed cybersecurity solutions and consulting services that can protect your IT network.

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What Is Managed Cybersecurity? 

Managed cybersecurity service is where cybersecurity meets managed IT. Cybersecurity aims to protect data inside computer systems or networks from unauthorized access. Managed IT is a service that connects businesses with third-party technology and support. Combined with managed IT, managed cybersecurity services put your organization’s most sensitive data in the hands of a dependable managed service provider with the resources to bolster your digital defenses. 

Our managed IT services include a managed cybersecurity plan. Our IT and cybersecurity teams work together to facilitate and fortify critical functions like cloud computing, mobile device usage and social media, which are common points of vulnerability. As a proactive approach to data defense, managed cybersecurity creates a safe IT infrastructure and establishes a response plan that mitigates damage.

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Managed Cybersecurity Solutions From Contigo Technology

Contigo utilizes the industry’s most sophisticated security solutions to keep your business safe from unwanted viruses, malware and hackers. Our services are scalable to ensure your business has a dependable cybersecurity solution at every step of your journey. 

Take a closer look at the managed services we provide:

As a part of our proactive cybersecurity measures, we conduct audits to determine strengths and vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. Our audit findings allow us to recommend strategies and technologies that will safeguard your data from threats. We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your IT tools and practices to highlight the most critical areas to improve and enact an effective strategy.

Reports show that 71% of businesses experience malware activity that spreads between employees. Training your staff to detect and report cybersecurity threats prevents incidents and mitigates loss when it occurs. We provide cybersecurity training resources that teach employees about common cybersecurity threats such as phishing emails, text scams, malware and password theft.

Cyberattacks can occur when you least expect them. You’ll feel more confident in your data’s protection when a team of cybersecurity experts oversees your network to detect online threats. Our staff monitors the tools used throughout our managed security solutions and responds to alerts around the clock. We keep tabs on servers, devices and networks to keep any large or small business safe.

Cybercriminals use various illicit software platforms to threaten your business. Malware infects computers, installing malicious programs that compromise your system. Ransomware is a form of malware that actually locks a user out of their device. Malware and ransomware take time to remove from your devices, resulting in a drop in sales, a loss of consumer trust and a decrease in productivity. Contigo Technology detects and removes malware on all systems. We also provide instant scanning of end users’ systems to prevent malware and nefarious websites from infecting your network.

Antivirus protection is an integral part of cybersecurity for all types of enterprises. With Contigo’s managed cybersecurity services, you will receive our award-winning antivirus solution on all of your devices. We will also continually remove any malicious code, giving your network an added layer of security.

Contigo provides you with visibility into how your guests and end users utilize your bandwidth. Network forensic insight can help you monitor any suspicious activity and identify vulnerabilities. Proactively monitoring and detecting suspicious activity can increase productivity and reduce the chances of accidentally acquiring viruses and malware through network applications.

Data encryption is a way of protecting digital information by obscuring it within a code. Encrypted data is only accessible to users with sufficient authorization or authentication. Contigo Technology offers data encryption management to protect passwords, personal information, Social Security numbers and payment information.

A swift response to a cybersecurity breach can minimize damage and preserve important data. Our managed cybersecurity services include comprehensive disaster recovery strategies. We will back up your data to a secure location, allowing you to continue working while we resolve the cybersecurity issue.

Cybersecurity Solutions That Meet Major Regulations 

Our knowledgeable and experienced team can customize a cybersecurity strategy specific to your organization’s needs, ensuring peak protection and meeting compliance requirements. 

  • HIPAA compliance: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the industry standard for protecting patient data. Contigo Technology provides alignment solutions designed to meet HIPAA requirements and safeguard your most critical data while keeping your employees working productively and efficiently. Examples of how we blend our support services with HIPAA processes include security awareness, employee training, risk assessment, contingency planning and more. 
  • CMMC compliance: Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a compliance requirement for businesses providing services inside the Department of Defense (DoD) ecosystem. The compliance managers at Contigo Technology offer CMMC compliance solutions in the form of gap analyses that evaluate your current compliance level and help you reach the level of maturity your organization needs.

Managed Cybersecurity Services Offer Key Advantages

Partner with our skilled cyber security company in Austin to experience the complete range of advantages that managed cybersecurity can produce: 

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If you’re ready to take the next step in providing your organization with the industry’s best cybersecurity solutions, the team at Contigo Technology has you covered. Whether you need to meet HIPAA standards or increase your level of CMMC maturity we are one of the best cybersecurity companies in Austin, TX and the nation. Our goal is to give nationwide and Austin businesses the attention and support they need to grow and succeed. Connect with us online today to get started.