IT Support for Microsoft Businesses

IT Support for Microsoft Environments

Contigo excels in IT support, specializing in Microsoft environments. Here’s what sets us apart:

1. Nationally Recognized Microsoft Partner: Our partnership with Microsoft ensures cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled expertise.

2. Security Administration Proficiency: Trust us to handle your security needs with precision and care, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft security protocols.

3. Personal Computer/Server Expertise: From PCs to servers, we’re adept at managing and optimizing your hardware infrastructure for peak performance.

4. Extensive Office 365 Management: With a track record of managing over 150 Office 365 clients, we guarantee seamless integration and efficient operation of your cloud-based productivity suite.

Choose Contigo for unmatched proficiency in Microsoft environments and comprehensive IT support services.

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Microsoft Trained Experts

Contigo maintains a Microsoft Partner Status and has certified technicians with the following credentials:

1. Modern Desktop Administrator Associate: This certification demonstrates expertise in deploying, configuring, securing, managing, and monitoring devices and client applications in an enterprise environment. It ensures proficiency in modern desktop technologies such as Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.

2. Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals: This certification validates foundational knowledge of security, compliance, and identity concepts. It covers essential topics related to security administration, ensuring that technicians understand core principles in this critical area.

3. Security Administrator Associate: This certification focuses on implementing and managing security solutions and handling security incidents. It equips technicians with the skills needed to protect and defend an organization’s digital assets effectively.

4. In addition, Contigo has technicians with Comptia Security+, Project Management, Comptia IT Operations Specialist certifications. 

With these certifications, Contigo’s technicians are well-equipped to provide top-notch support and expertise in modern desktop management, security administration, compliance, and identity management. This achievement highlights Contigo’s commitment to delivering high-quality services and solutions to its clients.

Open Tickets In Your Teams App

Use your Microsoft Teams for communication with Contigo support technicians, it’s a game-changer for support ticket workflow. Here’s why:

1. Seamless Integration: Your Microsoft Teams seamlessly integrates into our support work environment, making it easy for your staff to open tickets with Contigo without leaving their familiar workspace.

2. Efficient Ticketing: With Teams, tickets can be opened faster and tracked more effectively. Your staff can quickly initiate support requests, providing Contigo technicians with all the necessary details to address issues promptly.

3. Improved Experience: The overall experience is enhanced for both your staff and Contigo technicians. Communication is streamlined, response times are faster, and issues are resolved more efficiently, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.

By leveraging Microsoft Teams for communication with Contigo support technicians, we’re ensuring smoother operations, faster issue resolution, and a better overall support experience for our team.

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Leverage the power of Microsoft with Contigo!

Contigo’s knowledgeable team is well-equipped to support your staff across various Microsoft solutions. Our specialized knowledge in Microsoft technologies allows us to guide your business through the complexities of platforms such as Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365. 

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Contigo provides technical support that can help protect your business. We partner with companies across Central Texas and are pleased to offer a local, personalized IT experience. Contact us today to learn more.

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