New research has shown that companies that practice transparency can actually generate a better return on equity. Transparency ensures that everyone is on the same page through effective communication and a healthy work environment.

At Contigo, we work to encourage this by providing reports that allow for visibility into our proactive services. We keep tabs on everything from IT budgeting to asset management to end user activity. Contact us today to experience the most honest and effective IT support in Austin. Our Client Success Managers provide quarterly business reviews to keep you updated and in the know.


End User Activity

Automated reports can be sent that show all end user ticket submissions by status. This visibility allows you to verify we are providing the of service you expect.

Asset Management

Per your request we can provide a detailed audit of devices and software installed in your environment.

Proactive IT Budgeting

We continuously monitor devices and software that needs upgrading and present this information for budgeting purposes.