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For small businesses, managing cybersecurity can be a daunting task. The complexity arises from the need to stay abreast of the latest security threats, understanding and implementing a multitude of security protocols, and continuously monitoring for breaches—all while trying to run the day-to-day operations of the business. Studies suggest that many small businesses lack the in-house expertise to effectively handle cyberattacks, with owners often taking on these responsibilities themselves1. This can lead to predictable challenges, as cybersecurity is a field that requires specialized knowledge and constant vigilance.

In contrast, relying on an expert like Contigo Technology shifts this burden to seasoned professionals. With a dedicated team focused solely on cybersecurity, Contigo can offer a level of protection and proficiency that is difficult for small businesses to achieve on their own. This includes staying ahead of emerging threats, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, and providing rapid response to any security incidents. For a small business, partnering with Contigo means peace of mind and the ability to focus on core business activities, knowing that their cybersecurity is handled by experts.

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Cybersecurity For Businesses

Avoid the costs of having of hiring, training, and retaining a full time employee to manage your businesses Security posture. Instead rely on a knowledgeable and mature partner to take on the burden of managing.

Contigo Technology strategically implements state-of-the-art security tools on your behalf. These advanced solutions are meticulously designed to counteract the malicious threats that modern businesses face. Customized to integrate into your specific environment, our tools proactively guard against cyber threats, ensuring your operations are shielded from harmful actors. Rely on our expertise for robust protection of your digital landscape.

Contigo Technology’s security offerings extend beyond just tools and protocols; we also provide comprehensive training programs designed to enhance your employees’ awareness of cybersecurity best practices. This education empowers your team to make informed decisions, reducing the risk of security breaches caused by human error.

Contigo Technology conducts thorough security audits every quarter to establish robust baselines. These baselines are meticulously crafted to align with your specific regulatory requirements, ensuring that your cybersecurity posture not only meets but exceeds industry standards

At Contigo Technology, our Security and Operations Center (SOC) operates around the clock, diligently monitoring and swiftly responding to security alerts. Our team of skilled analysts and incident responders ensures that any potential threats are promptly detected, analyzed, and mitigated. Whether it’s a suspicious login attempt, a network intrusion, or an anomalous behavior pattern, our SOC remains vigilant, safeguarding your digital assets and maintaining the integrity of your operations.


Contigo Technology is poised to deliver an immediate boost to your security posture. From the very first day, our service starts to yield tangible benefits. Our products are designed for rapid deployment, arriving pre-integrated and ready to pinpoint vulnerabilities without delay. Once identified, our dedicated Contigo team promptly takes action to address and rectify any security issues, ensuring your defenses are robust and resilient.

Contigo’s local presence in Central Texas means personalized service. We understand at times we need to be on-site to address any challenges specific to your business, and being local matters.

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In summary, having a professional company like Contigo manage your Google Workspace ensures seamless operations, robust security, and efficient collaboration for your organization