Employee Setup & Decommission

It’s Expensive To Find and Hire New Employees: Let’s Make Sure Their First Day is Successful

The recruitment process represents a significant financial undertaking for any organization. Identifying and engaging a suitable candidate involves a considerable investment, with recruitment agency fees alone constituting up to 25% of the candidate’s annual salary. The internal costs associated with the hiring process, including interviews and skill assessments, further contribute to the financial outlay, often exceeding $4,000.

Ensuring that new hires are immediately productive on their first day is crucial. This necessitates a comprehensive setup of their technological environment, including device configuration, cloud application access, file permissions, distribution list inclusion, and security group assignments. Contigo excels in facilitating this process, guaranteeing that employees are equipped and ready to contribute effectively from day one.

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Custom Hire Process for Your Business

Contigo is committed to streamlining the onboarding process by handling the procurement of devices, their secure storage, the administration of licenses, and establishing a consistent and efficient New User Setup protocol.

Contigo specializes in creating tailored online forms that incorporate elements such as approval workflows, IT resource allocation, and shipping details to streamline the onboarding process.   With all Setups being performed within 3 business days.

Contigo will provide you with suggestions to ensure a smooth onboarding process. After our initial setup, we will follow up with recommendations tailored to your organization’s needs. This will include guidance on security group assignments, approval hierarchies, and license management to enhance your organization’s security posture. Our goal is to offer a seamless transition for new hires while maintaining the integrity and protection of your systems.

Proper license management invariably leads to cost savings. By auditing and streamlining license usage, we can eliminate unnecessary expenses by revoking unutilized licenses and ensuring that the right licenses are procured as needed.

Contigo is equipped to handle the procurement, quoting, and storage of devices, tailoring these services to meet the specific preferences and requirements of the client.


We recognize the time-sensitive nature of user terminations within a business. Rest assured, we prioritize these actions and carry them out with the highest level of urgency, regardless of the hour.

Contigo’s local presence in Central Texas means personalized service. We understand at times we need to be on-site to address any challenges specific to your business, and being local matters.

Leverage Our Experience, Automation, and Professionalism for Your New Hires!

In summary, having a professional company like Contigo manage your new hire setups ensures seamless operations, robust security, and efficient collaboration for your organization