Benefits of RMM from an IT Services Provider in Austin

IT services in Austin must diversify into mobile operational arenas. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is essential in assuring mobile solutions are secure for varying businesses. Certainly, RMM is more appropriate for some businesses than others.

Essentially, this new tech innovation involves monitoring, upgrading, and sometimes, even erasing the hard drive of remote devices. It’s not feasible to do this for multiple devices except remotely. Still, some businesses just don’t have a need. Following are a few considerations to help you determine whether or not your operation would benefit from RMM:

Decreased Downtime through More Efficient Security

IT services firms in Austin provide downtime reduction measures internally, as well as in terms of cloud application. However, when it comes to remote solutions, there are additional security considerations.

For example, if you’ve got a “bring your own device” (BYOD) campaign in play, you may have employees who access your network from a Wi-Fi connection that isn’t properly secure. This can expose your data to theft or your operation to being infiltrated. An RMM solution helps ensure remote access to your system doesn’t compromise you.

Facilitation of Preventative Maintenance over Corrective Solutions

Preventative maintenance is usually going to be less expensive than corrective maintenance. In fact, this will almost always be the case. Corrective maintenance may require you to totally reboot certain systems, or replace them.

With an RMM solution, you can monitor and manage all remote devices such that they are always up-to-date regarding known issues. This extends the life of your devices and the security of your network. Ultimately, going the preventative route has a high likelihood of helping you save money.

Cost-Reduction through Expanded Operational Surface Area

With remote operations, you can save money on internal equipment, and see increased profit through more driven employees. BYOD protocols are known to increase employee productivity. They can get more done more quickly from their ideal working circumstances, and often value the opportunity.

Also, with a cloud-floated network, your team can get work done from wherever they happen to have an internet connection. Ultimately, all these things combine to expand the surface area of your business while reducing cost through increased productivity and decreased infrastructural expense.

You would be ill-advised to approach BYOD without an RMM protocol in place, though, because expanded surface area increases your vulnerability to varying tech threats, as briefly explained earlier.

Establishing RMM Solutions

IT services in Austin through Contigo Technology can help you secure mobile infrastructure through RMM protocols, reducing expense, facilitating preventative maintenance, and decreasing downtime through better security. Contact us to learn more.