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5 Elements of Effective Tech Acceleration

Is your knowledge of the current technology landscape up to scratch? Do you know what it will appear like within the coming 5 to 10 years? Being aware of this information is handy since it can have a crucial impact on your business.

Everyone knows that our technology landscape is continuously evolving. Businesses need to become accustomed to developments to keep up with competitors.  In targeting this problem, we turn to tech acceleration. Tech acceleration intelligently improves technology that employees rely on whilst considering our future and helping businesses achieve their broader goals.

Why is keeping up to date with evolving technology so critical?

  • Tech acceleration combines all the essential tools to save you effort and time to enhance your overall efficiency.
  • It boosts productivity by streamlining processes and improving employee expereinces.
  • It enhances your security by getting rid of outdated technologies.

Before introducing new products and solutions into your infrastructure, you must consider a few things for tech acceleration to be worthwhile in the long term.

Elements of Effective Tech Acceleration


Consider the long term instead of instantaneous acceleration

The adoption of technology has increased rapidly due to the latest pandemic restraints. These implementations have enabled multiple businesses to remain uninjured in this time by using collaborative solutions such as remote working. Despite this, now that businesses have had time to adjust to these conditions, it is obvious that rapid change isn’t always advantageous to long term success.

Technology upgrades have helped SMBs remain in business during the pandemic crisis. However, they also produced several challenges, ranging from integration issues to limited value in the long run. This means that it is an appropriate time to prepare ourselves for the foreseeable future by taking on smart tech acceleration. A rigorous examination and assessment are required to judge whether current systems are progressive and integrated enough to enable them to support goals in the next 5 to 10 years rather than just the present day.

Assess past technology investments

Investments in tech acceleration from past years need to be examined. This will help identify where improvements could be made. It is vital to examine whether past investments have helped the organization reach its long-term goals. Only with this knowledge can a company then determine whether the acceleration is heading in the right direction.


If the status of the organization’s acceleration environment is not living up to expectations, discover how other companies are achieving more satisfactory outcomes. Evaluate what changes can be put in place to enhance the organization’s performance, thereby aligning it closer to the ideal vision.

When monitoring your tech acceleration initiative progress, the metric should assess the levels of employee experience, customer experience, cybersecurity, the organization’s technology integration, compliance, and backups amongst other factors.

Think about the total experience (TX)

TX combines employee and customer experiences (EX and CX). Integrating the technology with the users and employees can allow the overall experience to be improved. This focuses directly on addressing both employee and customer needs to generate improved business outcomes in the long term.

It is estimated that 60% of large organizations will utilize TX to remake their business models by 2026. This will help them achieve premium employee and customer advocacy levels.*

Sticking with integration

Even if you produce outstanding solutions, they will not benefit you in the long run if they do not integrate. Systematic integration brings together the employee and customer experience. This can reduce the risk of error, enhance efficiency, and provide opportunities to automate repetitive processes. Managed IT services can provide excellent help to organizations surrounding this topic.

Collaborate for success

If your organization doesn’t invest in smart tech acceleration, your competition could overtake you in the market. It’s time to say goodbye to short-term fixes that aren’t helping you achieve your goals and upgrade your IT ecosystem to help you achieve greater productivity and operational success for the long term.

An MSP like us can help you find, implement, fine-tune and manage your technology infrastructure to ensure it’s moving you towards your long-term goals and vision. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation to see how we can bring smart tech acceleration to your business.

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