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Adverse Effects of Downtime You Can Mitigate

To most business owners, system downtime is nothing more than a minor setback in their daily routine primarily because they fail to comprehend the dangerous situation they place their businesses in. To this effect, they lack the importance of procuring IT services in Austin to prevent a system downtime and the adverse effects it poses to their business. To bring the issue into perspective, imagine your business suffering the following scenarios as a result of your system being down:

Loss of a Client(S)

In the age of instant push-button solutions, consumers have become somewhat impatient with delays. If a customer’s tries to access your website for a service, product, or information they require, they expect to find it readily available. If you experience a system failure/downtime, the same consumers might not wait for you to resolve the problem, but instead, move on to your competitors.

Tarnished Reputation

Consumers are using various platforms to compare, contrast, and provide reviews for multiple businesses. Now, imagine your payment processing server encountering a system failure; it doesn’t contain feedback on whether a consumer got charged for the purchase they initiated or not. Imagine the consumer, now enraged, deciding to post a review of their experience with your brand on social media. Your reputation then suffers a huge blow, especially if other potential consumer sees the review and decide to share it.

Backlog in Productivity and Overtime Costs

If your employee productivity depends on the efficiency of your system, downtime significantly reduces their productivity. Consider the case of a call center business model with 30 operators. If the system goes down for an hour, it is quite a task to get back on schedule with a 30 staff-hour backlog. Your workers have to work longer hours to cover the delay, which costs you extra in overtime wages.

Unexpected Costs Eating into Your Revenue

In addition to the overtime costs above, your business also has to cover the costs of repairing the issue that lead to the system failure. Furthermore, in a bid to compensate your clients for the delay, discounting their order is somewhat of an expense to your business, reducing your profit margin.

Getting Sued?

When a company’s productivity depends on you, you are liable for litigation if a system downtime has an adverse impact on them. So yes, hiring a IT services provider in Austin to prevent a system downtime prevents you from getting sued.

Weighing Down Good Marketing

Online marketing is a crucial factor in lead generation as well as reeling in new clients. If a potential customer clicks on your advert that’s ranked accordingly on Google, but your website is down, they will automatically lose interest and move on to another search result. In such an instance, your effective marketing efforts will have gone to waste.

From the above points, it is evident that even a simple power outage resulting in your system going down for even an hour can have a tremendously adverse effect on your business. To prevent your business from suffering any of the above facts of a system downtime, contact Contigo Technology for reliable IT services in Austin. We are your ally in the fight against system downtime.

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