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The Best Ways to Protect Your Data with IT Services in Austin

When it comes to data security, you can’t afford to take any chances. The integrity of your data is essential to maintaining relationships with clients and even your own employees. Data loss really does have the potential to ruin relationships and possibly even doom your business. Let’s take a look at ten helpful ways to stop data loss as identified by IT services experts in Austin:

Email Matters More than Most Think

It is becoming increasingly easy for cybercriminals to fool people into opening phony emails as well as attachments containing malware. The problem is, some employees are naive when it comes to computers and the web. Your team should be thoroughly educated on the many different approaches cyber miscreants will use to access your system. All employees should be aware of the common signs of a potentially virus-laden email. Furthermore, important data should not be stored in email systems.

Address Patch and Configuration Gaps

Your software should be patched and updated with regularity to prevent cybercriminals’ attempts to pilfer data. Take some time to review patch and configuration gaps, document them, and implement automation for posterity’s sake.

End-User Systems that are Interconnected

There should be internal network segmentation that is proven to be effective. User system will not have to exchange information other than for instant messaging protocols and transmitting IP information.

Improve Those Weak Passwords

Some users are unaware of the fact that hackers will go to great lengths to steal passwords. Every employee in your organization who uses computers should be educated on the importance of password security. Passwords should contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.

Fortify Weak Points Targeted by Malware

All potential points at which malware can impact your organization should be remedied in a timely manner. Pinpoint any existing malware or opportunities for additional malware to rear its ugly head. Remove them and bolster your infrastructure as necessary.

Educate Employees about Phishing

Cyber thieves will go as far as impersonating authority figures, colleagues and others in emails, phone calls, and other communications. Your team should be aware of this method of attack. All emails should be closely reviewed to pinpoint signs of a phishing attack.

Close Off Those Data Leaks

Data leaks of any sort are unacceptable. Determine exactly where your data travels, the areas it should not cross, and determine how to plug the leak. If you are unsure as to how to go about this project, do not despair. Our IT services experts in Austin can help you pinpoint data leaks, as well as areas for potential leaks and implement the proper remedy.

Address Cross-System Trusts

Your systems should not permit unintended entry. Furthermore, systems should not allow for an unauthorized user to gain entry to additional critical systems after cracking the initial one.

At Contigo Technology, our IT services team in Austin can help you protect your data and improve your bottom line. Aside from data protection, we also offer end-user support, vendor management, disaster recovery, cybersecurity training, and many more. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your business safeguard data, keep your operations humming along without downtime and overcome whatever tech challenges come your way.

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