Contigo Technology March Newsletter

Healthcare Newsletter
March 17, 2021

Contigo CEO Interviewed on National Podcast – MSP Zone
How Contigo Helps Healthcare Clients  

In the last year, healthcare professionals have become a cornerstone for dealing with COVID-19. Every business from pharmaceuticals to local clinics needs a strong IT service provider to support their efforts. This allows them to operate smoothly and protect their patients and clients. MSP Zone brought Contigo’s CEO, Bryan Fuller, on to the recent podcast to highlight how MSPs can best support clients in the healthcare field.

Quarterly Business Review – How Contigo Helps Clients Prevent Ransomware

Each quarter Contigo performs a Quarterly Business Review (QBR), and this QBR focuses on how our processes and procedures help prevent clients from falling victim to ransomware attacks. When a new quarter arrives, we want our clients kept up to speed on the latest and newest for Cyber Security. One of the ways Contigo makes sure that happens is to have themes attached to every QBR. Themes are chosen based on two agendas. Protecting the client and keeping the client informed.
Upcoming Webinars

How to Become CMMC Level 1 Certified – March 24, 2021, 2:00 p.m. 

Our next webinar will cover how to become level 1 Certified. Our Compliance Manager JD Thompson will walk you through the steps to prepare your business for a level 1 certification.

Start learning about CMMC!

Cybersecurity Insurence – April 1st

On April 1st, Contigo will be partnering with Watkins Insurance Group to co-host a Cybersecurity Insurance webinar. We’ll be answering questions about IT security best practices, and how you can best defend your business against cyber attacks.

Employee Spotlight

Cooper Rigney

Not even a month ago Texas was shaken by a record-breaking winter storm. In the midst of the Texas winter storm, Cooper Rigney’s apartment faced irreparable damage, forcing him to permanently evacuate from his residence. Despite this unfortunate situation, Cooper still focussed on providing premiere support for the Contigo clients. “Even in the event of a pandemic and unprecedented winter storms, as a manager, I have to set an example for my…

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