Contigo’s Unmatched Dedication to Mac Support

Tip of the Hat: Blas Villalba-Rolon becomes Jamf Certified Admin

In a tech landscape where many IT support firms shy away from supporting companies with Macs, Contigo proudly stands out. Blas Villalba-Rolon, a key member of the Contigo team, recently devoted 80 hours to mastering the top Mac Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool, showcasing the company’s unwavering commitment to its Mac clients.Blas Villalba-Rolon’s impressive effort not only adds a valuable asset to the Contigo team but also exemplifies a genuine passion for delivering top-notch services to Mac users.Contigo’s focus on Mac support is a strategic move recognizing the increasing prevalence of Mac devices in all verticals.In essence, Contigo’s emphasis on Mac support goes beyond a business strategy – it’s a pledge to deliver unparalleled service to a growing Mac user base. Blas Villalba-Rolon’s dedication mirrors Contigo’s approach to staying at the forefront of Mac technology, ensuring clients receive the exceptional support they deserve.

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