IT Support in Austin for Business Email Hosting

Every business today relies on email servers for secure communications. That is why IT support providers in Austin now offer business email hosting services. While free email services are cheap and reliable for email messaging, they’re not free from security vulnerabilities and they offer limited storage space.

Besides, using free email services isn’t ideal for building a strong brand image for your business.

It is, therefore, best to invest in hosted email services to boost the credibility of your organization and streamline your communications infrastructure. Secure Email hosting services offer a host of benefits including:

Secure Communications

Hosted email services from an IT support provider in Austin provide cutting-edge encryption for email exchanges. All the information sent and received over hosted email services is secured from hacking attempts and your business is free from potential threats from malware and phishing attacks.

Deploying a hosted email service for your business gives you pre-integrated virus scanners to prevent all suspicious email from reaching your internal networks. Whether your employees access email from your corporate networks or off the premises, your email service is encrypted back to back to make it immune to all security threats.

Thanks to IMAP and POP technology, 128-bit encryption is built into your hosted email service to ensure data sent over your networks is not leaked.

Adequate Storage Space

Email hosting services are designed to allow you enormous storage space for every mailbox your business needs. However, there are different packages and you can choose either of them depending on your specific needs. Email hosting for business is a flexible option, which you can scale as your needs change.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your email hosting needs allow you to save costs by leveraging IT vendors to deploy and maintain email servers on your behalf. As a result, you won’t hire additional IT personnel or spend extra time running and troubleshooting the email servers.

Business Branding

Hosted email services are the only solution to building an unmistakable brand image. Unlike free email services, they allow you to connect your email accounts to your business’ domain name.

Shared Address Book

Email hosting helps you organize your communications better with the address book feature for the convenient storage and retrieval of contacts. Hosted email services also give you access to public directory services, which are compatible with all email services that support LDAP directory services.

Upgrading to hosted email services is an excellent choice and gives your business the tools for secure communications.

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