How IT Support Providers in Austin Can Help You Ensure Backups Work as They Should

IT support providers in Austin is apt to provide services under the idea that a crash of your network at some point isn’t just likely, it is practically a certainty. There are a number of reasons for this, chief among them is technology’s continually exponential expansion. New systems and old systems clash, new vulnerabilities arise even as old ones are patched. It’s an ongoing process. You should expect that even the most secure system out there will likely experience some phenomena, which ends up in a crash. Those phenomena could be related to cybercrime, user error, software error, disaster, sabotage, or any number of things. So, you should look at this reality as a “when” rather than “if” situation, and design backup solutions requisite to data survival.

Multiple Backups

You want at least three different backups. One should be offsite, two should be onsite. You want some backups on different media, as well. An offsite server, cloud computing solutions, and an onsite backup server can be very effective. However, it’s not just enough to acquire these backup solutions; you also want to test them regularly, or you won’t know if they work as they should. You can’t just trust in them at face value.

Recovery Protocols

Additionally, you need recovery protocols in place which will help get your systems back online. If you don’t have protocols, getting things back online will take much more of your time.

Regular Backups

You should also backup your network at regular intervals. It should be backed up as often as possible. After your initial backup, provided daily coverage isn’t too high, you’ll likely be able to facilitate a daily backup without impacting operations–depending on your business’s size, of course. IT support providers in Austin can help you strike the best balance in this regard.

Network Monitoring

Something else you’ll want to incorporate is network monitoring solutions. The right MSP can identify trends and help you reduce downtime through either correcting threats before they can truly threaten your business, or helping you bounce back quicker if some unavoidable factor undermines you. There’s something called “data mirroring” available through the cloud that can launch a network which essentially “reflects” your primary one. So, even after a crash, you don’t lose productive time while the primary system is rebooted.

Backup and Data Recovery Optimization

To summarize, strategies to pursue in order to ensure backup solutions are properly comprehensive include:

  • Network monitoring
  • Regular backups
  • Recovery protocols
  • Multiple backups

IT support in Austin through Contigo Technology provides monitoring, backup, recovery protocols, and facilitation of multiple storage options. Contact us now to make your backup more dependable.