Managed IT Services in Austin: Types of Malware

Forewarned is forearmed, and by knowing what’s out there, you can learn how to avoid it. Whether you are using in-house or managed IT services in Austin, read on to find out what you are up against:


Adware tends to be just annoying. Some adware comes as part of an installation package for a legitimate piece of software. Never accept default software installations. Read everything carefully and decide if you really need every component.

Signs that your computer suffers from adware include web pages being mysteriously redirected. Unusual pop-up ads and dialogues when web browsing is another sign of adware. The biggest danger with a piece of adware, or PUP (potentially unwanted program), is that it can come attached to other kinds of malware.


A virus is a piece of code that self-replicates within a single computer and across computer networks. Viruses can have almost any kind of functionality. So as with human viruses, cleaning up after a virus infection can be costly. So, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Install a good antivirus solution and keep it updated. Enable real-time scanning. Scan all email attachments and ensure your web browser is up to date to avoid ‘drive-by’ infections on the web.


These are a variation on normal viruses, which normally require human action to inject the host computer. Worms exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems to travel over networks and infect other systems. They do this automatically and can rapidly use up all available computer and network resources. A good firewall can help to limit infection by worms.

Whether your computer gets infected through a corrupted installer across your in-house network from an email attachment or in a drive-by infection, malware can have different purposes.


Ransomware encrypts all of your data and refuses to release it until you pay a fee. Always use the steps outlined above to avoid a ransomware infection. Ensure all of your valuable data is properly backed up. If ransomware slips through your defenses and you don’t have a backup, you have very few options. Online backup via managed IT services in Austin is an excellent solution.


Spyware doesn’t seek to damage your computer. Its aim is to spy on your computer, monitoring your activities or the data on your local network. Spyware can capture passwords and email addresses. It can even use your webcam and microphone to spy on you. Good antivirus programs already include anti-spyware features.


Trojans provide hackers with unauthorized access to your computer. They do this by providing a ‘backdoor’. Via the back door, hackers can do anything they want, from stealing your data to monitoring your activities and accessing other parts of your network. To avoid Trojans, never click on unknown email attachments. Always scan software, even legitimate programs, with an antivirus solution before installing it.

A managed IT services provider in Austin can help you prevent these types of malware. Being informed and prepared helps with cybersecurity. At Contigo Technology, we provide sophisticated cyber security solutions. Contact us now for more information.