Migrating to the Cloud with IT Support in Austin

As businesses continue to move to the cloud, IT support in Austin needs to offer easy solutions for cloud migration. One of the keys to selecting an up-to-date IT team is making sure the provider has expertise in cloud services. Here are some of the qualities that IT people need to provide you with effective cloud migration:

Understanding of Business Goals

Not every IT provider has your best business interests in mind. Some firms exist to lock in clients for long-term deals and are not too concerned about the businesses beyond raking in reoccurring income. It’s imperative to work with an IT team that cares about how your business makes its money. The most valuable providers are those that can help businesses cut expenses and increase productivity.

The relationship between an IT firm and its clients should be similar to the role of a consultant. Part of the reason for outsourcing an IT team is to find cutting-edge solutions that can make a business operate more efficiently. In order to achieve a competitive edge with technology, the IT team must be able to help companies identify the available software that will help accelerate workflows.

Appropriate Cloud Choices

Migrating to the cloud can mean working with one provider or multiple providers. There are a vast number of cloud services available for any given type of profession. Your IT support team in Austin should be familiar with cloud services that they can recommend for your business. IT professionals should be able to further identify which tasks can be automated or enhanced with cloud technology.

Choice of cloud services will be shaped by costs, agility, and impact. In some cases, you may want to experiment with cloud services to determine how well they help your operation. A huge advantage of cloud computing is that you can subscribe to software services as you need them, allowing you to explore a wide variety of choices. If your business requires HIPAA compliance, you should make sure your IT provider has experience with such organizations.

Some businesses use hybrid cloud solutions by integrating major cloud platforms offered by Microsoft, Google, and Amazon with MSP services and local infrastructure. This approach allows a company to use private clouds when they need them while relying on public clouds for certain tasks. The hybrid strategy is a popular choice for disaster recovery plans.

Selecting the Right Technology

One of your main decisions if you’re planning a new business is to decide whether it will include its own infrastructure or will rely on the cloud. An MSP can help you in either situation or if you elect to go the hybrid route. The most effective MSPs are the ones that care about and prioritize security so that your confidential information is well protected.

An emerging solution that’s helping companies cut costs significantly is bring-your-own-device (BYOD). By allowing employees to bring the devices they are already comfortable with using, it’s possible to operate a business without investing in expensive hardware.


The most effective IT support teams in Austin understand how to oversee local infrastructure as well as cloud-based systems. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about how we can help your business advance to the cloud.