June 8, 2016

Password Management Recommendation

A good password management tool is a necessity for any business.    What we are not referring to is anything relating to password strength (i.e. must have 8 letters and one symbol).   What we are talking about has to do with protecting business resources from breeches due to sloppy password practices.

Let me give you a real world example.   As the CEO of Contigo, I have access to over 30 applications from our CRM to our Health Provider.   If you have to maintain this amount of Usernames and Passwords, it’s important to be organized and secure.  As fast paced as life is, it’s a difficult process.   Then there is the continual need to provide trusted services partners and employees credentials into many of these important websites.   Lastly, what if something were to happen to me, how would anyone know my countless passwords.

I’ve introduced a common sense solution to many of our clientele.   There are options to fill in the many security gaps associated with Password management, and Contigo can help guide you there.

Contigo not only provides trusted IT Support solutions for our clients, but we also proactively test and recommend new solutions that drive efficiency.

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