Preventing Cyberattacks with IT Services in Austin

Today, cybercrime is becoming so pervasive that it makes sense for small to medium companies to outsource IT services in Austin. The most reliable managed service providers (MSPs) make sure that cyber security in Austin is a top priority when consulting firms about business technology.

Here are key advantages why MSPs are useful in fighting hackers and other disruptions:

State of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a problem that grows worse every year in the era of big data. Over 70% of cyberattacks take place due to employees opening nefarious phishing emails, according to CPO Magazine. One of the problems that perpetuate this activity is that most large companies fail to warn or train employees about phishing schemes. But partnering with an experienced IT firm can resolve this issue through mentoring.

The primary reason hackers target businesses is that over 40% of firms keep credit card information in their databases. Hackers particularly prey upon older systems because they are easier to penetrate due to vulnerabilities of dated systems exposed by the hacking community. It’s fairly common for companies to use legacy systems to avoid investing in new equipment, despite the risks.

Infrastructure Assessment

Your IT services partner in Austin can help your company enormously by auditing your infrastructure and identifying vulnerabilities. The more you can fix weaknesses in your system before they become big problems, the more you will stay focused on your business. An IT firm that employs diverse talent is in a better position to resolve technical issues quickly than a break-fix firm. When experts become familiar with your system, they can help steer you toward more efficient solutions.

Data Protection

Keeping private data safe is one of the most important jobs that an MSP does for clients. Not only should your IT consultant be responsible for making sure all critical data is regularly backed up, the team of technicians should have a proactive attitude about making sure your company maintains business continuity as much as possible. That means you need effective backup solutions during maintenance and emergencies.

Ultimately, your IT team should value your business model and desire to maintain a long-term relationship. That way you’re keeping exposure to your infrastructure limited to experts and your company isn’t rocked by constant changes. You must take data protection more seriously than the common business that’s trying to cut corners on costs. The best MSPs use 24/7 monitoring software to keep networks free of suspicious activity.


Outsourcing IT services in Austin is a helpful way to reduce the elevating stress caused by cybercrime. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about how your business can grow from the vast resources that we provide.