April 23, 2021

Warranties: Protecting Your IT Investment

By Nathan Montgomery –

Letting the warranty do the work.

Contigo Technology’s mission is to provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand IT Support for your business. Through our warranty service, we can provide quick and cost-effective care for all your equipment. From Network equipment to workstations, we can add warranties to it all, keeping your business operating as usual and minimizing downtime by getting next-day repairs by factory-trained technicians.

Monitoring and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)

Contigo Technology’s Client Success Managers (CSM) actively monitor your network and hardware to make sure your business will run smoothly and efficiently. Part of the monitoring process is making sure that our client’s hardware is protected and covered under warranty.


What are the Benefits?
Faster Service
Less downtime
More options
Minimize the impact on productivity
Transparency around future budgeting
More affordable than break/fix
More affordable than replacement
Fixed with OEM covered replacement parts


Why is a warranty so important?

Contigo offers warranties on almost all IT hardware. It is important to purchase extended warranties for equipment that matters most and to protect your investment in IT. You want to secure the equipment that can cause the most downtime and have the largest impact on your operations, choosing the appropriate warranty can do this

Talk to your CSM to learn more about extending the warranty on your equipment and what options are available. Networks, servers, and workstations can be covered under an extended warranty through Contigo Technology.