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Contigo 2022 Ransomware Webinar 

View our previous webinar where CEO - Bryan Fuller discussed the importance of keeping up with Cyberthreats. Ransomware is becoming more and more prominent as SMBs remain the central focus of cybercriminals. This webinar explored the tactics of ransomware attempts and an MSPs role in helping prevent takeovers.

Ransome Ware Webinar April 28th

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2022 strategy Invite Meeting

Contigo 2022 Strategic Initiatives

Watch Contigo as we discuss our 2022 strategic initiatives. Contigo is always focused on providing the best IT services in Central Texas. The Contigo team covers our strategies in the areas of Cybersecurity, Operations, and Services.


CMMC 2.0 Update

The DoD has made some significant changes to CMMC. Compliance Manager, JD Thompson, discusses what this means for your company moving forward.

To learn more about our compliance services and Assessments, click here.

employee set up

Employee On-boarding and Off Boarding 

Join us on November 4th as Contigo's CEO, Bryan Fuller, discusses how Contigo Technology assists our clients by simplifying the employee onboarding and offboarding process. Joining this webinar will be Contigo team members  Preston Maynard, Tegan Burgess, who has helped in hundreds of employee onboardings and offboardings.

Securing Your Bussiness Webinar

Securing Your Business

The current climate of cyber-attacks has drawn the attention of many executives. Now more than ever, a company's cybersecurity program must encompass a more robust and comprehensive attitude.  

HIPAA Webinar

HIPAA Risk Assessments

Part of Contigo Technology's proactive role in securing your healthcare practice is to actively assess the organization based on the required safeguards of HIPAA. Risk assessments are the foundation of the many practices we use to help protect your Healthcare Organization.

Cyber Insurance Webinar

Cybersecurity Insurance

Small businesses face IT security threats continually. We've all seen how wire transfer requests and ransomware can affect the smallest of businesses. Cyber insurance can help protect your business from these costly attacks. In this webinar, we'll have a panel of experts to help shed light on cyber insurance and how it works.

Webinar 3

CMMC Level 3

In this third webinar, Registered Practitioner JD Thompson examines the requirements and steps your business needs to take to become level 3 certified with CMMC.

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CMMC Level 2

In this second webinar, Registered Practitioner, JD Thompson examines the requirements and steps your business needs to take to become level 1 certified with CMMC.


Introduction to CMMC

Suppose your company does business in the DoD ecosystem. This webinar series will help you understand how CMMC will affect your business moving forward. CMMC is a new Compliance initiative to regulate how contracts are awarded to government projects and affiliates.