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Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions

IT support providers in Austin routinely provide businesses large and small with cloud computing support. It turns out that this aspect of technological innovation has a multiplicity of uses, and many businesses at many operational levels can experience very tangible cost-reducing benefits. Several industries that really stand to benefit include:

  • Industries where speed/agility represents a selling point
  • Businesses who experience exceptionally affecting regulation
  • Organizations relying on real-time ops or analytical needs
  • Operations which have remote requirements or many locations

Speed and Agility

Cloud computing has speed silhouetting its operations. This is core to the innovation itself. The cloud is a network of servers, which can span several locations. These servers split up the computational load that is applied to them. Here is an illustration: say you have one terabyte of data that you need to process on one computer, and it will take that computer ten minutes to process it. That same terabyte of data can be processed in one minute if ten computers bearing the same processing power are networked together for the task. A thousand computers of the same kind networked together would be able to accomplish the task in 0.6 seconds. Network servers function much more quickly than individual computers. A massive cloud could have a thousand or more servers in its ranks. Some clouds have 100,000 or more servers dedicated to providing service. That is some serious speed and many businesses that need just this kind of agility substantially benefit.


The government, healthcare, technology, infrastructure, and contracting endeavors are all businesses that may experience heavy regulation. Those operations that routinely provide services to the public, like hospitals, are subject to regulatory scrutiny.

Cloud computing solutions are put together by groups providing IT support in Austin who have a diversity of professionalized experience, and an onus to provide reliable security in conjunction with existing regulations. There may be some regulations businesses do not know about, which they learn by making the cloud transition. If you are in a business that is heavily regulated, a cloud support option is recommendable.

Real-Time Ops or Analytics

Cloud computing provides real-time operational support, processing, and systems management, proactive security, automatic updates, storage, and program design— the list goes on. Anything you can do with an internal server array, you can do on the cloud, and with increased speed as well as better security. Additionally, cloud-computing support (because of real-time operational ability, as well as size) can provide you with analytical solutions that will help your businesses to optimize. Those in manufacturing can especially benefit from IoT, cloud computing, and edge computing; all three of which contribute to what is today called “smart manufacturing.” Real-time analytics provide data that could not be collected otherwise. When this information is applied to operations, money is saved, and businesses experience expanded profit.

Businesses with Remote Needs

Through cloud-computing, offices can be out-sourced cost-effectively, such that employees only need a portal and an internet connection to work. For businesses that have remote needs, there is little better than the cloud.

Securing Cloud Solutions

IT support in Austin through Contigo Technology can provide you with cloud computing support serving multiple industries and will likely serve to optimize your operations. Contact us for reliable cloud computing solutions.

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