The Benefits of Server Management Services

Businesses worldwide rely on servers to house sensitive information and ensure business continuity. Servers need monitoring and maintenance to keep them operating reliably, which includes managing hardware and software, assessing security and performing backups to ensure optimal performance in your IT environment.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have proven to benefit significantly from outsourced server management services. Advantages range from cost savings to better security, timely software updates and more. Read on to discover the definition and benefits of server management services according to a managed IT support company.

What Is a Server?

A server is a device or program designed to serve users and their computer programs, known as clients. Data centers contain server machines — physical computers that run the server program. These computers are also known as servers. In short, a server is like a digital butler, waiting for user requests so it can carry them out.

A server is more than a dedicated computer — it’s created to be productive and reliable. Servers also have specialized technological properties, like memory with the ability to detect errors and support for visualization. Each server component contributes to a fast, dependable and fault-tolerant system.

Servers also use specialized operating systems to support modern functions like network services, terminal access and virtualization. These advanced features require administrators to have the experience and qualifications to use servers optimally.

Why Are Servers Essential for Online Businesses?

Servers are the backbone of your business. They pool all your company data, process them and give connected computers access to the necessary data and services. Therefore, maintaining your servers is vital to your operations. Even a tiny glitch can stifle worker productivity throughout the office. Your server should always run optimally.

When it comes to maintaining your servers, sometimes it is best left to a managed IT support company. The process can get complicated, as the roles of each server can vary tremendously. For example, one server can be for databases, another for mail, one for remote access, one for terminal access and so on. Each server’s specific role determines the relevant maintenance activities.

What Is Server Management?

Server management is the process of monitoring servers and maintaining them to ensure they perform correctly. It also covers everything associated with servers, including backups, security, hardware and software. Server management aims to minimize downtime, create secure IT environments and make changes to ensure servers continue to meet business needs.

The server management process differs depending on the type of server. Both physical and virtual servers require effective management. Still, server management teams often maintain and monitor all your server hardware and software. Professional server management is an excellent option for SMEs that may not have the knowledge or resources to purchase and manage in-house servers. However, large organizations also benefit from dedicated server management expertise.

What Are the Benefits of Server Management Services?

There are several advantages to outsourcing your server management services, some of which include the following.

24/7 Support

Server management services give you access to IT professionals around the clock. With fast responses, your processing time increases, which means you can handle incoming requests more effectively. Having constant support and expert help helps you minimize downtime and interruptions.


Regardless of how often your IT requirements change, server management services help you create a dynamic environment. A professionally managed IT support company can help you scale your requirements, reduce downtime and implement your changes quickly and effectively.


Cybersecurity is a significant concern for businesses of all sizes. The cost of a data breach in the United States averages $9.44 million, making it wise to entrust your security to professionals who have the knowledge to protect your servers from cyber threats like malware and ransomware.

Further, IT experts will watch your servers for suspicious activity so they can stop a cyberattack before it affects operations.

Upgrades and Backups

A good server management team will take preventive measures to handle any malfunctions and prevent data losses. They’ll test your server for integrity and back it up often to ensure smooth operations. In addition, regular software updates can mitigate unforeseen catastrophic events so that data is easily retrievable after a disaster strikes.

Server Audits

Reporting is always a good way to see how the server management plan you implemented is going. Regular check-ups can also provide valuable insight for forming future strategies. A good managed IT support company will usually supply you with any server audit reports for the purposes stated previously, as well as to satisfy IT auditors.

Expert Assistance

You must spend a lot of money to recruit and train in-house IT professionals. An excellent way to cut costs while still receiving the same high-quality IT support that you desire is to outsource all things IT to a team of trained experts. Not only will they have the proper training for the job, but generally, they will have more diverse experiences in the information technology field across different industries.

Cutback of Expenditures

Hiring an outsourced IT team can cut costs in a big way. As mentioned above, training an internal team costs a lot, not to mention that you must pay their salaries, health insurance and other expenses. Slash these extra expenditures by opting for a trustworthy third-party IT company instead.

Optimize Your Servers With Contigo Technology Today

With many positive reasons for using an outsourced IT support company, hiring a team of experts becomes less of a “why” and more of a “when” question. So, when you decide the time is right to add outsourced server management services to your list of necessary business items, Contigo is here to help. Our proactive managed IT services include server installation, upgrades, maintenance and monitoring.

We’ll manage your IT needs so you can focus on what you do best, and you can rest assured that you’ll receive the quick and professional support you need. Contact us to learn more about Austin’s premier IT today!

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