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The Benefits of Server Management Services

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have proven to benefit greatly from outsourced server management services. Advantages range from cost savings to better security to timely software updates and more. Read on to discover the definition and benefits of server management services according to a managed IT support company.

What is a server?

To begin, let’s explore the definition of a server. A server is more than just a powerful dedicated computer; server hardware is created with reliability and productivity in mind. It has special technological properties, such as memory with parity, special processor series, RAID controllers, support for virtualization, and more. These components make your server fast, dependable, and fault tolerant. Another key element in servers is the operating systems they use to support the functions necessary for modern systems like network services, virtualization, terminal access, and so on. These features require the administrator to possess higher qualifications and fundamental knowledge in the field of network technologies.

Why is a server important for your online business?

Usually, the server is the heart of your office’s information system. It pools all information resources of your company, stores and processes large amounts of data, and provides client computers that are connected to it with access to these resources and necessary services. Therefore, proper server maintenance is a crucial business process for any successful firm. Even a small hardware failure can stifle worker productivity throughout the office. Ideally, your server should always be up and running smoothly.

When it comes to how to maintain your servers, sometimes it is best left to a managed IT support company. The process can get complicated, as the roles of each server can vary tremendously. For example, one server can be for databases, another for mail, one for remote access, one for terminal access, and so on. The specific role of each server determines the activities that are included in server maintenance.

What are the benefits of server management services?

There are several advantages regarding outsourcing your server management services. They are as follows:

24/7 Support

24-hour Service Desk support services provide your business with fast response times from an IT professional, which results in a faster overall processing time for all incoming requests. This means that your business will be running without any unplanned interruptions, as expert help is always just a click away.


By adding new elements to your server’s system, you can create a more flexible IT environment. By using a managed IT support company to install your new IT infrastructure, you will experience minimal downtime and fast implementation.


Server management services can help your firm to keep out any unwanted viruses, malware, and other forms of cyber threats. Moreover, most IT experts will monitor your servers for any suspicious activity so that they can stop a cyber-attack before it impacts operations.

Timely Upgrades and Backups

A good server management team will take preventative measures so that they can promptly eliminate the effects of any malfunctions with your servers, including lost data. Every server that an IT expert manages should be backed up and tested for integrity regularly. In addition, regular software updates can mitigate unforeseen catastrophic events so that data is easily retrievable after a disaster strikes.

Server Audits

Reporting is always a good way to see how the server management plan you implemented is going. Regular check-ups can also provide valuable insight for forming future strategies. A good managed IT support company will usually supply you with any server audit reports for the purposes stated previously, as well as to satisfy IT auditors.

Expert Assistance

In order to properly recruit and train in-house IT professionals, you have to spend a lot of money. A good way to cut costs while still receiving the same high-quality IT support that you desire is to outsource all things IT to a team of trained experts. Not only will they have the proper training for the job, but generally, they will have more diverse experiences in the information technology field across different industries.

Cutback of Expenditures

Hiring an outsourced IT team can cut costs in a big way. As mentioned above, training an internal team costs a lot, not to mention the fact that you must pay their salaries, health insurance, and other expenses. Slash these extra expenditures by opting for a trustworthy third-party IT company instead.

With so many positive reasons for using an outsourced IT support company, hiring a team of experts becomes less of a “why” and more of a “when” question. So, when you decide the time is right to add outsourced server management services to your list of necessary business items, Contigo is here to help. Our proactive managed IT services include everything from server installation to upgrades to maintenance to monitoring. Contact us today to learn more.


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