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Contigo Technology HIPAA Compliancy Initiative

If you are with a healthcare organization, then you’re aware that HIPAA requires an annual Risk Assessment.  The risk assessment is a review of existing Technical, Administrative, and Physical Safeguards that are currently in place in the organization.

Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations haven’t performed a thorough HIPAA Risk Assessment.  If that’s the situation your organization is in, Contigo’s HIPAA Assessor is able to evaluate all three areas effectively.

How We’re More Effective Than A Traditional HIPAA Auditor:

Contigo’s HIPAA Risk Analysis process leverages the knowledge of our HIPAA Certified Assessor with our technical capabilities.   There isn’t a list of questions we submit to your organization for technical feedback, rather we have that knowledge and can discover those areas ourselves.

This technical expertise streamlines our ability to complete the assessment quickly and accurately.   In addition, we use software to scan your IT resources allowing pieces of the HIPAA requirements to be put in place, and not merely identified as a gap.

In the end, our HIPAA Compliance Manager delivers a Risk Assessment document that identifies alignment and gaps.

This Risk Assessment becomes a baseline for all future advancements in your HIPAA posture.

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