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Contigo Vs. Other Managed IT Providers: End User Support Edition

By Eli Newman –

Fact: Technology is here to stay. The inevitable shift to all things digital has resulted in technology becoming more and more intertwined into our society every day. While businesses of all sizes around the globe are happily embracing this tech movement, they must also recognize that implementing and utilizing technology requires a certain level of support. Just like no product or service is perfect, end users have their fair share of flaws. You simply cannot expect your employees to do what they were hired for and address/fix daily tech issues without any help, as they often lack the expertise and time to manage both minor and major IT problems. The solution? There are two options:

  1. You can hire, train, and maintain a robust in-house IT department.
  2. You can outsource your IT end user support to a third-party managed service provider (MSP).

While either course of action is a fine choice for larger corporations, Option 1 can be problematic for modern-day small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), as they often cannot afford to staff a full-blown internal IT department. Option 2, on the other hand, gives SMBs a cost-effective way to provide their employees with the tech support they need. With that said, you shouldn’t partner with just any IT company; you want to choose one that can give your end users the best experience possible. When selecting a provider to partner with, there are a few important characteristics that you should pay close attention to regarding the quality of their end user support services. Read on as we explore these key areas and how Contigo works hard to deliver the best end user experience with each one.

Look for an MSP that offers multi-channel support.

Convenience is king in today’s tech support. When choosing an MSP to partner with, you should gravitate towards the IT firms that offer several options in terms of communication channels (such as phone, email, and even instant message). In addition, you should make sure that your IT provider offers some form of self-service (like a list of FAQs and troubleshooting help). This allows end users to resolve some of the simpler IT issues they might encounter without having to call on someone else. By picking an MSP that provides both multiple channels and self-help guides, your employees can easily access the IT support resources they need in whichever way that is most convenient for them.

How Contigo Delivers

Did you know that Contigo is the only Austin IT company that offers support sessions via a user-friendly online chat session? That’s right, folks – we’ve got that convenient, on-demand end user support that some SMBs only dream of having in the form of an accessible and affordable IT service. Our instant chat support empowers your employees by giving them a way to manage their personal IT issues at their fingertips, significantly reducing the amount of time that is spent remedying technology problems. While instant chat is the preferred method of communication among many of our clients, we are also available via phone and email. At Contigo, we provide multiple support channels because we understand that end users respond best to channels that they are most comfortable with.

Seek out a provider that responds quickly.

To cut down on wasted time, look for an IT company that responds to user ticket submissions in a timely manner. Bonus points if the provider has proof of their speediness.

How Contigo Delivers

At Contigo, our average response time for client requests is 35 seconds, thanks to our extremely attentive and helpful team of IT experts. It doesn’t stop there, though; we also provide our clients with daily management reports that document our activity and the status of our tickets.

Pick an IT company that prioritizes security.

IT end user support isn’t just about troubleshooting. In fact, protecting your users’ data is a major part of providing effective support to your employees. At a minimum, your support solution should include a desktop security service that involves installing anti-virus and malware solutions on every user’s personal computer. Additionally, you will want an MSP that proactively monitors users’ computers for any alerts regarding cybersecurity events.

How Contigo Delivers

Contigo goes above and beyond the basic security services that usually accompany IT end user support solutions. Besides offering the usual desktop security solutions that most MSPs employ, we provide the following alongside our support services:

  • Regular software patching: We work with our customers to schedule weekly software updates for all their business applications to keep end users’ desktops running efficiently and securely.
  • Encryption: Should any of your end users’ devices get lost or stolen, our encryption software enables us to reach the device remotely to reset passwords and completely protect data.
  • Personal computer backups: Contigo places software on each of your end users’ personal computers that directs all of your corporate data into a secure cloud location. That way, if disaster strikes, you can safely and quickly retrieve business-critical applications and information to continue operations.
  • Smartphone and tablet management: We offer solutions designed to secure the data on your employees’ smart devices in the event that they are lost or stolen.

Picking the right IT company to partner with might not be the easiest decision, but there is one thing that is certain: When it comes to providing the best support to your end users, Contigo knows how to deliver. Contact us today to learn more about our IT support services and how we can empower your end users through multi-channel support, fast response times, and robust security solutions.

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