Cooper working on computer

Overcoming Adversity to Ensure Quality Support for Customers

By Nathan Montgomery –

Help Desk Manager Cooper Rigney has gone above and beyond during the severe winter storm that swept through Texas, leaving over 2 million residents without power or water. Cooper Manages our help desk technicians and ensures that quality service is delivered to the Contigo Clients. This winter storm put many businesses out of commission for the week, but for Contigo Technology, keeping your business running is our number priority.
Cooper Rigney, despite the tremendous precaution he took, his residence still suffered extreme water damage due to the burst pipes in the floor above.

Cooper did not let that stop him from providing the service our customers deserve. He packed a bag and traversed the slippery roadways leaving behind everything but a work computer. When asked why he was still eager to perform his duties Cooper had this to say, “Even in the event of a pandemic and unprecedented winter storms, as a manager, I have to set an example for my team that understands the needs of those affected with empathy and expertise. We at Contigo are all in this together, and it is my role to help no matter what capacity it’s in. If we all do our part, we will get through this.”

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