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Cyber Insurance Types You Should Know About

As we drive deeper into the digital age, cyberattacks increase, meaning that you shouldn’t overlook the importance of cyber insurance. If your business handles, transfers, or stores vital data, you should know about this coverage.

Cyber insurance intends to protect organizations from cash losses triggered by cyber incidents that could endanger their future. It covers financial losses caused by such an event, including cyber theft, ransomware, and data breaches.

Small companies usually lack the budgets and resources of larger organizations, meaning that cyber insurance can offer crucial financial protection in a cyberattack and help them recover efficiently.

Types of cyber insurance and what they cover

While insurers can have specific classifications, we can separate cyber insurance into three sections:

Cyber liability insurance

This insurance involves third-party coverage for losses and damages, regulatory penalties, data breaches, lawsuits, and credit monitoring.

Cyber liability insurance is critical for small companies like yours since the financial losses caused by a breach can be more serious than you can manage. But don’t worry – this simply means that having this type of coverage can assist your company in recovery, helping it move forward following an incident without collapsing.

Cybertheft insurance

With increasing numbers of organizations keeping sensitive data online, the chance of cyber theft is dominant. Because of this, it is vital to ensure that your business is suitably insured.

Cybertheft insurance protects companies from monetary loss sparked by digital theft. This covers various cybertheft situations, such as embezzlement scams, first-party cybertheft, gift card scams, and payroll redirection.

Any organization can fall victim to this cybercrime, meaning no company is too small to get this coverage. Thus, even if there is a minuscule chance that your digital assets will be taken, you need to have the best insurance for your organization.

Cyber extortion insurance

Also named ransomware insurance, this type of insurance protects your company against ransomware attacks. It helps cover recovery expenses, the cost of ransom payments, and company interruptions, amongst other things. It can additionally offer access to an expert team who can be helpful in cyber extortion negotiations.

Remember that an attack can still succeed even if you have adequate cybersecurity solutions. This is why it is critical to invest in cyber extortion insurance. This coverage can assist you in your recovery from a ransomware attack, reducing the overall financial impact.

Collaborate with IT service support, Austin

Cyber insurance is a complex industry – and it’s constantly changing. So many factors can influence your qualification for a payout in this type of event, and attempting to remain compliant with your policy can often be challenging. Collaborating with an IT service support provider can help you understand your options and ensure that you have proper security, enhancing your likelihood of receiving the coverage you desire.

So, please contact us today to plan a free consultation! Our years of experience and expertise may be just what you are looking for at this time.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more, download our infographic, Cyber Insurance and Why Your Small Business Needs Coverage, by clicking here!

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