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IT Support Austin: Benefits of Using VoIP for Your Business

As technology and IT support services in Austin keep advancing, communication keeps getting better by the day. Businesses today are doing away with the traditional phone system and adopting the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. VoIP allows the users to make calls using the broadband internet rather than the traditional analog telephone system which is expensive and difficult to scale up and down as your business demands. Below are more benefits of using a hosted VoIP system for your business:

Ease of Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance

While the traditional phone needs an expert to connect or run the wires around the office, an IP phone is easy to set up. There is no hardware to be installed, as all you need is the IP phone. The hosted VoIP software allows you to add new users easily. In addition, with its web portal, you can easily change, add, or move the system’s configuration.

VoIP Allows Easy Scaling

You may not make an estimate of how many phones you may need over a certain time. Thus, if you are using the traditional phone system, you may purchase more or fewer phones than you need. However, if you are using VoIP, you can easily scale up and down as the business dictates. You can add a new line when you have a new employee and remove or reassign it when an employee leaves.

It Is Portable

As opposed to the conventional phone system whose services are limited to the office space, VoIP is not tied to any one location. You can have your number wherever you go. This kind of phone system is especially convenient for employees that are always on the move.

Rich in Features

Any IT support provider in Austin can guarantee you many features that come with VoIP. You will no longer be limited to only the basic phone features. Some functionality that comes with VoIP include call transfer, call hold, call hunt, find me/follow me, conference calling and automatic phone menus.

Supports Older Technology and Integrates with Other Business Systems

The VoIP system supports older technologies such as faxing. You can send and receive fax messages with your email account. In addition, a VoIP system can be intergraded with other business applications that you need every day.

Cutting Costs

More importantly, hosted VoIP saves a lot compared to the traditional phone systems that accrue so much in terms of setup, configuration, maintenance, and repairs costs.

At Contigo Technology, we offer hosted VoIP. Contact us today and let us connect you to cheaper and more efficient IT support services in Austin such as VoIP.

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