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Understanding the Dark Web and Why It’s Essential to Have IT Support in Austin

The dark web is an underground network of websites that can be used by cybercriminals to trade stolen data, but partnering with an IT support provider in Austin can help ensure that your information doesn’t fall into the hands of these criminals. These users are required to have specific software to access the dark web, as it hides the IP address of the user and makes it difficult to track illegal activity.

Here are just a few examples of the differences in various areas of the internet and why it is essential to use an IT company that specializes in cyber security for Austin businesses:

Surface Web

The surface web is anything that is publicly available through a search engine, such as Bing, Google, or Yahoo. The vast majority of users only have access to the surface web and have never used the dark web. However, many cybercriminals avoid using the surface web due to the lack of encryption and that it is much more difficult to perform illegal activities.

Deep Web

The deep web is another common term, as it is any content online that has yet to be indexed by search engines. Many of these pages are accessible with a URL address, but you are unable to access these sites through a search engine. The deep web is still much safer than the dark web, but you can always reach out to an IT support provider in Austin anytime if you have any questions related to these websites.

Dark Web

The dark web is much different than the surface or deep web, as it only contains a small fraction of the entire web. The dark web is also known as the “darknet,” as the activity of users is hidden through the use of networks that obscure the origin of each person that access this area of the net. Many cybercriminals use the dark web to sell valuable information with bitcoins but partnering with an IT provider can help ensure that your information remains safe and secure at all times.

Cybersecurity is a top concern for many small businesses, and it is important to use a company that specializes in IT support in Austin. Contigo Technology is a managed service provider that will keep your confidential data secure through around the clock monitoring services, frequent security updates, additional employee training, and the use of the latest antivirus protection. Of course, technology is always changing, and it is the mission of an IT provider to keep your company well-protected at all times. You can reach out to us for additional information and schedule a no-cost consultation.

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