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IT Support in Austin: Office 365 Migration Best Practices

The Microsoft Office 365 suite is an excellent business communication and collaboration solution. If you plan to move to Office 365, it is ideal to collaborate with an IT support provider in Austin for a successful migration. Besides, the external provider will help you plan for the migration to reduce downtime due to data storage or system compatibility issues. As a result, you won’t suffer the stressful learning curve most businesses experience when rolling out a Microsoft Office 365 migration independently.

Here are the best practices for the successful migration:

Carry Out Prelude Research

Traditional applications from the Microsoft Office suite run differently on a cloud-based setting. Besides, there are additional features, functionality, and interfaces in the cloud platform. Therefore, conducting thorough research on what changes you’ll encounter and how the platform aligns with your business needs helps achieve a hassle-free migration. However, failure to plan properly may lead to the disruption of your core operations, too.

Run Several Audits

IT support providers in Austin help businesses realize successful migration by conducting various complete audits before the transition to the cloud environment. Implementing a full audit of your IT environment helps identify and fix problems such as outdated permissions, mailbox settings, and clean up libraries.

Moreover, the findings of the audit will help you build a well-informed inventory of all the requirements for your Office 365 environment. It serves as a preparatory step to ensure that the entire migration process runs without technical hitches. For example, if there are broken libraries, you can remove and build them afresh before embarking on the migration.

Set Adequate Time for the Migration

Office 365 supports three distinct migration plans, whether you choose the hybrid migration, staged migration, or the cutover migration. Your infrastructure specifications and environment will affect the time needed to complete the migration.

For instance, the hybrid migration is resource-intensive and demands high-end technical expertise. Also, it translates to more time to complete the transition.

Choosing a migration plan requires thorough testing to ensure that each phase turns out as planned. For example, you can verify email services and application tryouts by migrating a limited amount of data.

Plan for Data Storage

The Office 365 Suite allows for the upload of files to OneDrive with a capacity of 30 million files in a single library. If you have a lot of files, the OneDrive client sync issues will limit you to a hundred thousand files. However, you can exploit a migration tool to overcome the limitation.

At Contigo Technology, we can help you achieve a successful migration. We provide IT support services in Austin, and we are trusted for our dependable managed services. Contact us now for more information.

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