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Preventing Ex-Employee Data Theft with the Help of IT Services Experts in Austin

After your employees leave, it’s important to take precautions to prevent them from stealing important company or customer data. Whether your former employees take data by accident or on purpose, it can be very detrimental to your company’s security. IT services experts in Austin can help you keep your data secure and safe when employees leave the company. Here’s what you should keep in mind to prevent this type of data theft:

Limit Employees’ Access to Sensitive Data

In general, employees should only be able to access your most secure data points if they need them for their work projects. Only high-ranking employees should have passwords to access secure data points, and these secure data items should be encrypted from other customers. IT services experts in Austin can help you set up a firewall or other security system to ensure that only the right people can access your sensitive data.

Be Careful When Using Personal Devices for Work

In many cases, employee data theft is accidental and happens when sensitive work data ends up on a personal device, such as a computer or smartphone that the employee uses to work from home. It’s particularly dangerous if your employees are working on public WiFi networks, where there’s a much higher risk of being hacked. To prevent this from happening, it may help to limit what employees can access from their personal devices. You can do this by either requiring that employees come into the office to access certain data points or by only allowing them to access these data points on company-owned laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Both of these solutions have their drawbacks, but they’re a good first step to keeping your data safe.

Set Up Protocols for Email Archiving and Management

Transfer of sensitive data often happens through email, whether it’s on purpose or by accident. Your company should put an email archiving system in place to track your data and discourage any unethical data theft. Employees should also be educated on cyber security practices in Austin about the appropriate use of company devices and company email addresses and be reminded of these protocols throughout their time with the company.

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