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The Importance of 2 Factor Authentication

By Bryan Fuller –

We’ve all used 2 Factor Authentication(2FA) somewhere and somehow. It’s a well-known deterrent for malicious account takeovers. It is commonly used by a number of personal and business applications.
Contigo has worked with the majority of our clients to enable 2FA for Office 365 and Gsuite. If you are one of the few clients who have yet to enable 2 Factor Authentication, Contigo strongly recommends we enable this feature. And in addition, we would like to include this as a necessary step in your new user setup procedures.
Our team has a couple of ways we can assist our clients to enable 2FA in their organization. One is free of charge, where enable this feature, and provide written instructions to your employees.
A second option is a white-glove approach, where Contigo provides customized training sessions for a client and provides troubleshooting activities.
If you are one of our clients who have yet to enable 2 Factor Authentication, please reach out to your client success manager to discuss the process.

Types of 2FA:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Authenticator App
  • Push-Based
  • FIDO U2F/ Security Keys
  • Backup Codes
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