Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification - CMMC

CMMC is a Compliance initiative for any business that operates within the DoD ecosystem. Starting as early as late 2022, these businesses will be required to reach a certain level of maturity before they can be awarded a new contract.

What is CMMC?

CMMC is a compliance requirement for providing services in the DoD ecosystem. Depending on your level of contact, you will be required to obtain a specific Maturity level certification. These certifications range from Level 1 Basic Cyber Hygiene to level 5 Advanced Safeguards.

What Does Contigo Offer?

Contigo offers a gap analysis delivered by our compliance managers. Our Registered Practitioners will help you reach the level needed to be cybersecurity compliant depending on the level of maturity your business needs!

Why CMMC Requirements Matter:

Information from US Government, Financial Impact, Value of DOD Contract, Companies in DIB, DOD Budget Allocation for SMBs

How do I get My Business Certified?

Getting CMMC compliant requires two steps. First, schedule a pre-assessment with one of our Registered Practitioners (RP). In this process, our RP will evaluate what level of maturity your business will need to continue operations. The RP will closely evaluate the practices already implemented within your company and help you fill in the gaps to reach the correct level of maturity. Second, you will schedule your assessment with a CMMC Third-Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO). After approval, your business will be capable of biding on contracts or working for a contractor.

What are the Requirement for Each Level?

Contigo CMMC Webinar Series

Contigo Technology is hosting a webinar series covering everything your business needs to know about getting compliant. Whether or not you deal directly with DoD or just provide services or materials to a contractor, this series will help inform you about what steps you need to take to continue providing services.

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Webinar series | Episode 1 -

In this webinar episode, Compliance Manager JD Thompson discusses the basics of CMMC.

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Webinar | Series Episode 2 -

In this second episode, JD Thompson will examine the requirements for how your business can become CMMC level 1 Certified.

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Webinar 3

Webinar | Series Part 3 -

In this second episode, JD Thompson will examine the requirements for how your business can become CMMC level 3 Certified and CUI.

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