Cyber security in Austin is a growing concern for many businesses, especially in the midst of today’s digital landscape. Phishing is an attempt at obtaining information such as passwords and usernames and is not unique to consumers at home – it is actually the culprit of big losses at many businesses. 76% of organizations reported that they had been targeted by phishing scams in 2018, and that number is only increasing. In fact, email fraud that businesses receive goes up about 8% annually, and in 2017 cyber crime cost businesses about $11.7 million. Moreover, it takes 50 days on average to fully remedy a malware attack. Money and time costs are not the only things that are affected, though; existing and future customers are also in jeopardy. Losses incurred after a breach can range from suffering a monetary blow to damaging customer trust and relationships. These losses will not only impact your current standing and sales – they will also affect future customer perceptions about your firm, which ultimately impacts your bottom line.

With approximately 80,000 cyber attacks occurring every day in attempt to access items like credit card numbers and private heath records, it is critical that companies focus on security. We can provide your business with precautionary measures to help prevent security breaches. Contigo provides tailor made IT security training campaigns to your employees on all of the latest tactics being used and how to detect and avoid them.  We will also send test emails disguised as phishing attacks to end users and report on their actions so you can use the results for benchmarking. Knowing how your end users use your network and respond to malicious attempts to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data gives you the opportunity to properly train them, which could be the difference between a devastating breach and a secure network. In today’s highly digitized business landscape, cyber security is something that should take priority at your firm. Don’t let phishing attacks and other forms of cyber threats endanger your organization’s well-being. Instead, reach out to us today so you can have peace of mind knowing that your company’s sensitive information and private data is protected.


Test Emails

As part of Contigo’s cyber security training services, we will send artificial phishing attacks to your end users and report on their actions. This helps to give you some insight regarding how your employees would respond to an actual phishing attack that is disguised as an email. With this information, you can identify areas that you might need to further educate your staff about. This is something that can prove highly beneficial to your organization, as 34% of breach incidents are due to accidental loss.

Training Videos

In a world where online threats are becoming increasingly prevalent, education is one of the best ways to raise awareness and prevent employees from falling for scams and other cyber threats. New employees are especially susceptible to socially engineered attacks, with 60% of new hires being cited as high risk. However, training is not only meant for new staff members, as it is beneficial for all of your employees to be properly educated on cyber crime. That’s why our cyber security training services involve scheduling end users to complete a training session that includes videos that walk them through precautionary steps to avoid phishing scams. Because 63% of successful data breach attacks come from social engineering schemes, education and reporting protocols are some of the best ways you can better prepare for any potential threats. Don’t let your employees become a victim of malicious attempts to gain access to your network. Instead, provide them with the proper training and education needed to combat and report potential breaches through our training videos.