Come what may, it is always a good idea to have a plan B. Enter: Contigo’s best in class customized backup solutions. We are well-versed in the world of disaster recovery and have many options to keep your data safe when it comes to Austin IT support.

Our system includes storing your critical data in multiple secure locations and daily audits that ensure successful backup jobs. We also provide you with a custom retention policy that allows you to custom-build a model that is congruent with a timeline that works for your business. Ensuring that downtime is minimized, or even eliminated completely, is Contigo’s ultimate goal when it comes to IT support in Austin. Contact us today to reap the benefits of having a well- planned backup solution.


Multi Copy Backup

Your mission critical data will be stored in multiple secure locations.

Custom Retention Policy

Every client is unique. Your business may need backups that go back 3 months, a year or even longer. We can build a model that works for you.

Business Continuity

We can protect your business from downtime, even if your physical hardware has been destroyed.

Daily Audits

We rely on great backup software to store your data in safe locations, but it’s our daily audits that guarantee the backup jobs are successful.