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With recent increases in cyber warfare and government attacks, even local government needs strong, comprehensive IT solutions. As Austin’s premier IT department, Contigo Technology keeps dozens of brands in Central Texas safe through end user support, maintenance and cybersecurity protection. Our business comprises experts in the field who stay available around the clock for your crucial IT needs.

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What Is a Managed IT Service Provider?

As companies demand more from their IT team, it’s become necessary to have more than a few dedicated IT employees on your staff. These people may have experience in some levels of information technology, but they are likely lacking in others. Enter managed service providers — a team of skilled IT personnel who work together to deliver comprehensive management of your computers, network and more so you can focus on the important government work you do every day.

Our government IT solutions services cover three main areas.

When it comes to their assigned roles, your government employees have years of experience and know how to deliver results daily. However, when they encounter system errors or their laptop starts acting strange, they may find themselves lost on what to do. When you work with Contigo Technology, the solution is simple — your employees can reach out to us through our exclusive Help Desk icon, where we’ll be waiting to help them get back to work immediately.

Your computer network isn’t what it used to be. Now, you may be expected to manage a litany of computers, phones, networks, cloud-based servers, apps and other technology, which work in tandem to make your job easier or more efficient. Even for the most skilled specialists, managing that and your day-to-day operations can be a challenge. The Contigo Technology team can take some of that work off your plate by handling it ourselves and keeping your internet systems up to date and running smoothly.

As people develop new technology to endanger secure platforms and sell private data, you need to ensure your network has the highest level of security. Our IT solutions work for the local and federal government, as we can cater to companies of every size. We’ll implement our cybersecurity best practices based on our up-to-date research and change them as guidelines change so that you and your constituents can feel safe sharing information with minimal risk of breaches.

Why Choose Contigo Technology?

For years, Contigo Technology has been the top-recommended managed service provider in Central Texas. Our tight-knit staff works in-office every day and utilizes more management and cybersecurity tools than any of our local competitors. We work on a per-month payment plan instead of per-ticket, making it easier for you to budget your expenses while our senior technicians get to work and ensure your employees have everything they need to serve your community with confidence.

Show Us How We Can Help

Our commitment to delivering IT solutions for the government starts the moment you reach out. We offer free network consultations and project scoping so that both parties can get an idea of what we’re getting into and how we can best work together in the long run. Our exclusive technology and high employment standards put us a step above other providers. Contact us today and tell us how our government IT solutions can work for you. 

How May We Help?

Thank you for considering Contigo Technology as your IT support partner. We’re an established IT support firm, headquartered here in Austin, TX. Contigo provides IT support for many well-known businesses throughout Central Texas. Our clients span verticals such as healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, food and beverage, and everything in between. There’s not an application we haven’t been able to support or a challenge we couldn’t meet. Our goal isn’t to be the largest IT support firm, but rather the most well regarded. Many of our clients come to us because we are focused on Central Texas, and they’re looking for a local partner.

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