Get Compliant

Contigo has a deep industry bench of technical experts to handle any IT Governance Initiatives.

We Can Build A Successful Compliance Program For Your Business



With 15% of breaches involved in healthcare organizations, 10% in the financial industry and 16% in the public sector, it becomes clear that protecting sensitive data is not something all companies are prepared for. Statistics show that Compliance Initiatives are key in keeping personal information secure, and if that isn’t enough, laws, regulations and business partnerships are making them a requirement.  If your business is feeling the pressure to align with statutes such as HIPAA, PCI, ISO, SOC, and NIST CSF, Contigo’s compliancy service is the answer.


Having a thorough compliance program is important because the government, your suppliers and customers require it.   Contigo’s compliancy service provides a phased approach to help your business satisfy these third party requirements.

Most IT support firms aren’t able to deliver a holistic compliancy posture for a business.   They fall short of helping a business implement business policies, or performing annual tasks necessary to keep your compliancy posture in good standing.  Contigo’s compliancy team merges best practice IT processes with business policy implementation.   Our compliance team works with a business to implement 23 guidelines established within the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.


When our service is implemented within your business it will have completed a compliancy initiative that incorporates IT best practices, employee policy creation, and 23 key business procedures.   We’ll tie all these components together and nest them in our cloud based application that can be reviewed and retrieved on-demand.   In addition, we’ll assign a certified Governance, Risk, and Compliance professional to shepherd the buildout of these processes, and who will be responsible for annual reviews to keep your compliance posture in good standing.

Call Contigo and let us talk to you about your requirements or need for best practices. We’d like to talk to you about the process of utilizing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to put you in the best possible IT security posture without disrupting your business.