MSP vs. Break-Fix Support: Choosing the Right IT Support in Austin for Your Business

The two primary types of IT support in Austin are managed services and break-fix maintenance. On the surface, these different models are quite clear. A managed services provider (MSP) provides a wide range of support for a monthly fixed fee, whereas break-fix firms charge by the hour to fix specific problems. Here are considerations when deciding between an MSP and break-fix support:

Amount of Downtime

One of the big questions you have to ask before deciding on an IT solution is how much downtime you can allow your business to experience before it becomes a crisis. If you run a small business that doesn’t have to stay open every day to survive, you may only need break-fix technicians when something goes wrong with your hardware or software. If you run an operation with a large customer base with robust profits, then it’s more imperative to have access to 24/7 tech support.

A major advantage of having an MSP is that they develop long-term business relationships with clients and are more likely to give you quick response to a given technical issue. The break-fix model works best for repairs that can be put off until the budget allows to pay for the maintenance. You will likely tap into a more experienced talent pool of tech professionals with an MSP than a break-fix firm that might only specialize in certain areas. The more experienced and knowledgeable the technician, the less unpredictable downtime you can expect.

Maintenance Budget

Your decision on the type of IT support in Austin you need will largely depend on your budget. There are pros and cons to both MSP and break-fix support solutions when it comes to costs. The managed services model will probably save you money in the long run since your team will take actions to prevent future hardware or software failures. A break-fix firm will only put in the time to fix whatever problem you’re paying for.

Fixed Fees for Monthly Service

While break-fix is more efficient for firms that can afford to pay for surprise emergencies with unknown costs, an MSP works better for companies that want predictable maintenance costs. The problem with paying a break-fix technician hourly fees is that you may be dealing with an inexperienced worker who takes longer to diagnose and solve problems. A reputable MSP will have access to much more resources and developed talent.

The fixed fee approach helps you avoid costly maintenance surprises that can accompany the break-fix model. While a break-fix model may be efficient for companies with occasional IT needs, an MSP gives you much more options and keeps your business protected from cyber attacks as data protection is a top concern of MSPs. Ultimately, you will have more peace of mind that disasters will be handled immediately by talented professionals who care about your business.


Choosing your IT support in Austin should be based on your budget and technology needs. The key is to find certified, diverse and experienced tech experts who understand various kinds of businesses and technology. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about how we can protect your digital assets and give your business a competitive edge.