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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Systems

The way people work is changing. Contigo can help you transform your workforce to meet that change and enhance work productivity. With the availability of increased bandwidth and technology developments, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are now affordable, easy to use and integrated with many of the systems you may currently be using.

With many companies going to the “work from home” model, a VoIP system such as Microsoft Teams may be worth exploring for ease of use and administration for remote workforces. You can choose to integrate desktop phones, answer directly from your computer or integrate with a cell phone for a consistent experience. Not only does Microsoft Teams provide a phone platform, it natively integrates with Teams chat, channels, files, presentations, video conferences and much more. Call Contigo today to find out how you can leverage your current Microsoft systems to add VoIP phones.

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Benefits of a VoIP System

Your organization can benefit from implementing a VoIP system in several ways.

Simple transitions and consistent experiences between all device types.

VoIP systems can be installed onto any smart device or computer, so your employees can work with a device they already know how to use. Using Microsoft VoIP phones increases the likelihood that your people are familiar with the messaging and chat format already.

Intelligent devices give everyone a voice, wherever they may be.

VoIP systems allow team members to join calls and meetings from any device and location. Whether it be their phone or personal computer, smart devices with VoIP software allow people to get involved.

High-quality audio, video and sharing experiences on any device, in any space.

Without quality capabilities, your employees will struggle to produce their best work. With VoIP phones, there’s no need to sacrifice quality when making audio or video calls or sharing content.

Reliable, manageable and up-to-date systems ensure meetings just work.

VoIP systems allow your people to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere. This capability is extremely beneficial for remote and hybrid workforces, as employees can stay productive regardless of their location.

VoIP Features

Teams VoIP phones have a broad array of features to help your users do their jobs, and help you manage their use. Here’s a summary of the features available in Teams-certified phones:

  • Authentication: Phones use Modern Authentication to simplify signing in and to improve security. Users can sign in by entering their username and password on the phone or by signing in from another device like PC/smartphone.
  • Speed dial and call history: Users can quickly access their contacts, call history and voicemail. They can easily manage their contacts and speed dial entries directly from their phone or computer.
  • Meetings and calls: Users can view their schedules and easily join meetings using Teams’ one-touch join.
  • Call groups: Phone agents who participate in call groups can easily manage their availability and accept or decline incoming calls from the call queue.
  • User delegation: Executive assistants and admins can manage their executives’ phones — intercept incoming calls, make calls on behalf of the executive, take over calls that the executive has placed on hold, monitor whether the executive is on a call or on hold, and so on.
  • Hot desking: Users can get their contacts, meetings and other preferences, just by signing into a phone. When they’re done, they can sign out and leave the phone ready for the next user.
  • Video: Phones with video support let users join calls and video conferences just like they were at their computers. Users can keep their privacy by using a phone’s camera shutter and microphone mute switch when available.
  • Better together: Phones can lock and unlock in an integrated fashion when connected to their Windows PC running a 64-bit Teams desktop client.
  • Accessibility: Phones have several accessibility features, such as high-contrast text, to make it easier for anyone to use them.
  • Dynamic and enhanced E911 support: Signed-in users who call 911 will see their location on the phone.

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Trial Before You Commit! You already have Office 365 licenses assigned to your employees. Let Contigo help you see the ease of trialing Microsoft’s Office 365 VoIP phones with just the click of a few buttons. Within a day, we’ll turn on the phone functionality for a few of your employees, deploy Yealink Office 365 phones, and immediately they’re making and receiving calls. Compare this to another vendor who wants you to go all in with their solution before you really know how it will operate.

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Contigo is an expert at Teams VoIP services setup and migrating from other services. As a Microsoft Certified partner, you can be assured we know what we’re doing. Contact us today so we can introduce you to the capabilities of the Microsoft ecosystem you may already be familiar with. The model of having a phone system “in the cloud” is the future of communications and Microsoft has hit the target with Teams.