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We will customize a series of reports that provide visibility into our proactive services, including end user activity reports, asset management reports, and proactive IT budgeting reports.

New research has shown that companies that practice transparency can actually generate a better return on equity. Transparency ensures that everyone is on the same page through effective communication and a healthy work environment. Moreover, studies show that both of these factors lead to a more successful business overall.

At Contigo, we work to encourage this by providing reports that allow for visibility into our proactive services. We want you to know that we are hard at work keeping your systems up and running, so we keep tabs on everything from IT budgeting to asset management to end user activity. Contact us today to experience the most honest and effective IT support in Austin. When it comes to managing your business, being knowledgeable about the third-party services you employ in a timely manner is only half of the battle. Our Client Success Managers provide quarterly business reviews to keep you updated and in the know about ticket statuses, your IT assets, and costs associated with our services.

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IT Reports We Provide

Automated reports can be sent that show all end user ticket submissions by status. This visibility allows you to verify we are providing the of service you expect. Here at Contigo, we expect all of our customers to hold us to the high standard we have so graciously earned in terms of customer service. Knowing the amount of time it takes us to address and resolve all of your end users’ issues is key in showing you that we are here to take care of each any every problem that might arise. Our transparency works to keep us accountable and to keep you confident in the services we offer.

IT asset management is a broad term used to describe many things, including IT asset management, digital asset management, and software asset management. IT asset management is the overarching set of business practices that join contractual, inventory, and financial functions to support strategic decision making for the IT environment. Digital asset management is a part of your company’s intellectual property management functions and is concerned with managing digital content like photos, videos, and so on that your organization either produces or licenses from third parties. Software and license asset management both deal with the effective management, protection, and control of software assets, including those produced by your company or a third-party provider. This ensures that all of the software you use is being properly paid for and in compliance with licensing agreements. Examples of an IT asset include anything from infrastructure hardware to software licenses to digital data from operations and so on. All of these items work together to create an infrastructure for businesses that must be managed.  Per your request, we can provide a detailed audit of devices and software installed in your environment.

Time and time again, proactive budgeting has proved to be far more effective than reactive budgeting. Proactive budgeting includes creating a plan for each dollar you earn, including allocating funds for your business’s savings, investments, and debt. In order to properly budget for now and the future, you must fully understand where your money is going currently. We continuously monitor devices and software that needs upgrading and present this information for budgeting purposes. This allows us to give you a clear picture regarding your expenses and how your IT infrastructure contributes to those costs. Without proper documentation of your current spending, budgeting in general becomes increasingly difficult.

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