January 22, 2021

What Are Proactive Fridays

By: Cooper Rigney, Contigo Help Desk Manager

The Contigo team has an internal process we’ve named Proactive Fridays. Typically on Friday afternoons, end-user support requests become less frequent. We take advantage of this time to perform audits, enhance security, and update our documentation across each of our clients. In a divide and conquer format, our Help Desk team of 7, performs these proactive tasks.

How does a task get chose you ask? Like many good ideas, it starts with a fishbowl that sits in the middle of our Help Desk team. Here are just a few of the recent “proactive Friday” activities we’ve performed.

Firewall Port Scans-making sure firewalls are secure
Turning on Audit Logs within Office 365
Client Website Domain Renewal Review
Office 365/Gsuite License Audits
New User Setup/Termination Guide Updates
Multi-Factor Authentication Enforcement