Stella the office dog video

Meet Stella The Office Dog!

What are the Benefits of an Office Dog?

– By Nathan Montgomery
Walking into the Contigo office you might be pleasantly surprised by our office dog, Stella. It is proven that companies that allow workplace animals often have happier and more productive employees. How is this possible?

CEO Bryan Fuller has made a point to keep the office well oiled and stress-free so our technicians can provide a consistent premium IT support to all our clients. These steps have included a well-stocked break room, flexible PTO, company outings, team luncheons, and of course Stella the Office Dog!

As shown in the video, Stella greets all employees and brings a calming spark to the fast-paced environment. She spends her days relaxing and making her rounds through the office. Every employee is happy to have Stella on the team. Click the video to get a glimpse into Stella’s day!

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