Your known as the IT Hero in the halls of your company. There’s no denying executives love knowing you are just down the hall and will jump on IT issues in a moments notice. You are expected to have all the answers and always be available.

However, an IT Hero needs some resources to be successful. You need software tools that provide visibility into your network, industry knowledge, and backup during that rare vacation time.

Here are three ways we can help you maintain your IT Hero status!

Let’s Get You The Tools You Need

Contigo will provide you an integrated set of tools that address security, awareness, and employee support. Contigo will deploy our stack of tools across your network. Our tools will be deployed in weeks not years. More importantly they’ll be properly integrated. You’ll have full admin access of these tools and gain total command of your IT environment. You run the show and we’ll be in the background in case you need us.

How About Some Backup For When You’re Out of Office?

Contigo offers an easy failover support service for moments like this. Contigo will spend the time necessary knowing your company, document the processes, insert our “help desk” icon on each company computer, and step in when necessary to provide support. And when you return, we’ll quietly slip into the background.

There Are Tasks I Want Off My Plate

If there are certain tasks that you don’t have time to accomplish, or may not have the knowledge to complete, Contigo can carry the load.

Some of our clients ask us to just handle their Tier 1(help desk), others want us to manage their servers. We can handle a wide variety of these chores, and perform them successfully.

We can help you maintain your IT Hero status!

Let Contigo Lend You a Hand